Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 Simple Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

One question that I never received a negative answer from any women when it comes to her health is on the topic of menstrual Cramps. Every woman some time in her life time faces this dreadful condition what every care she does takes. I do not know if this has to do to lifestyle changes that women have gone through past century. But still a life of women is not complete without those dreadful cramps.  
“Dysmenorrhea” is what those cramps are known in medical terminology is a medical condition characterized by severe uterine pain during menstruation.
Here are few home remedies and life style changes that can help reduce Menstrual Cramps.

1] Castor Oil application:
If facing sever bout of cramps Ayurveda suggests the use of Castor oil application on the abdomen around the belly button and the lower abdomen. Few drops of warm Castor oil applied, not massaged in a circular motion over the belly button can show tremendous result in reducing those cramps. A warm hot water bag or towel over top after the application might actually help a lot too...
Alleviated Vatta is said to be controlled with such application.

2] Ginger Tea:
Ginger also known as “Vishwa Bhaisyac” or the “Herb of the World” is a well known herb to reduce pain caused to many reasons. Fresh Ginger grated to a cup of water and then boiled for a while can make a nice tea to have for such cramps. Not just the heat of the ginger but also the warm water helps a lot to get relief from the cramps. Dried Ginger powder can also be used instead of fresh ginger.

3] Vajrasana or Diamond Pose:
Many pose of yoga are not recommended by yogis during menstruation cycle but there are few asana that can actually help solve many issues during those days. {Read more about Yoga and Menstruation Cycle} Vajrasana or sitting in a diamond pose is recommended for those women and girls that do suffer with cramps. I also advise women to start sitting in this pose even before one starts menstruation or just near to the date of cycle to prevent those cramps.{Read how to do Vajrasana here }

4] Avoid Crazy Exercise Routine
One thing that I noticed that many women continue to follow the same lifestyle and exercise pattern that they used to do during normal days. Unluckily most of the tampon companies and sanitary napkins companies to show that they do not need to do. But if you consider health wise it would be advisable that during menstruation cycle if a women reduces on physical activity or avoid tenuous work it might be reduce those cramps from occurring on the first place. Avoid Running Marathon during those days, or reduce your time you spend on physical work out. Engage yourself more on mental work out during those days.

5] Avoid Fat, Junk and Salted Food
Food with no nutritious value, high in salt, high in preservatives and additives such are junk food, chips, burgers and even pop should be advised to be avoided during menstruation cycle. Although not researched but those women who have a healthy diet pattern have shown reduce tendency to have cramps in the first place.
Ayurveda also recommends avoiding food groups like beans, cabbage in excess during those days.

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