Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Cardinal Rules when Eating Fast Food

Well let me tell you one think about me , I do occasional have a craving of junk fast food. Yes I do let that craving sometimes take over my heart and mind both. In lay man term I eat junk food like McDonald's some times. Hey I am human after all!!! I ate for the first time to know exactly how my body feel after eating it. And I eat it sometimes to be just because I feel like eating it.  Well just one thing I do different that everyone is I try to choose wisely when eating, follow some golden rules. In this article I would like to share them:

Eating Fast Food

1] Whole Wheat Bread or Wraps instead of Big Fat Buns:
More and more Fast food outlets are bringing the whole wheat concept rather than the usual white bread. Subways, Mr Sub are some of the leading ones on those lines. Some other outlets like Wendy’s and even McDonalds have the options of having wraps instead of bread to appeal for health oriented people like you and me.
Choosing whole wheat bread or wraps would always be a good option do you agree?

2] Grilled Chicken Breast instead of Fried:
It is always good to ask for grilled meat like chicken or fish instead of eating deep fried chicken with batter full of salt. Most of the burger places would have something grilled on their menu. Cold cuts or Deli meat thought look nice and healthy often are loaded with salt and calories. Thus avoiding them would be a good choice. Look out for your choices ...{Salt to little and too much}

3] Say No to Extra :
Most of the Fast Food place do offer you combo’s or something for a small price extra. Say like adding to your bill 39 cents for extra fries or pop and so and so. Be ready to say no to all those temptation. Yes it sounds very nice to have something extra at a cheap price. But at what cost on our health.

4] Choose Bottled Water over Pop:
The cashier at the fast food place is going to ask your about pop, that is what she is paid for. But let’s be wise and choose bottled water or even apple juice or coffee or tea instead of pop. Yes would reduce a lot of calories load from the whole combo. And lastly healthy in all the way....

5] Watch and Read and be Motivated :
To keep yourself focused on being healthy make sure one watch movies like Super Size me or Fast Food Nations. Yes these movies can be depressing, but still in a way it would boost you and keep us motivated from avoiding fast food. What do you say?

Yes junk food, fast food is bad in the first place we all know. It’s always good to avoid them, but if you cannot in the worst place eat sensible, eat moderate.
Do you agree? Do you have anything else to add to those cardinal rules? Share them if possible...
Posted by Sudeep

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