Monday, November 1, 2010

5 Benefits of Meditation

One word that is well known these days is the word “Meditation”. Everyone who has gone through stress full time has either tried or used some sort of meditation once in a life time.   Is meditation really helpful? If so what are its benefits? Here in this article we would have a look on some of benefits of meditation. {In general}

1] Relaxation :
First and foremost meditation brings on is a sense of relaxation. This occurs due to one major factor that happens due to meditation. As one starts to meditate our breaths slows down, heart rate decreases. But suddenly the flow of blood all over the body has been increased, so is the flow of oxygen to each and every cell increased to. Thus the doer feel relaxed, de stressed. Tighten muscles, ligament and joints suddenly with increased blood flow and oxygen flow helps loosen up making them feel wohh!!!

2] Immune system:
Meditation as it affects blood flow to every single cell of the body, in the long run shows another important effect. More blood flow and oxygen means good cellular digestion which results to good immune system. A person who meditates daily would find that he or she is immune to both physical and mental issues compare to other people. No more seasonal allergies, or cold and cough, no more inhalers.

3] Disease Control:
According to Ayurveda and Yogic philosophy meditation is suggested to all those who suffer with some kind of physical or mental issues. Pain management is a place where meditation works magic, may be because of fresh blood flow to the affected area that relaxes the nervous system too.
Cardiac condition, cholesterol, hypertension are all chronic conditions where meditation can show great results. Blood pressure can be kept under control without medication, so is the blood cholesterol level.
New studies have shown that post operative healing can be quickened with the help of meditation.

4] Mental Issues:
Effects of mediation on the brain are well known. Those individual who find them-self at a large with some kind of addiction, meditation holds the key. Phobias, addiction to smoking, alcohol, sex and lastly anger all can be managed with few minutes of meditation.
Patients with epilepsy,schizophrenia can be calmed and attacks reduced if they are taught the ways of meditation.

5] Personality Builder:
Meditation in its own way can be summed up as an ideal exercise to build our personality. Concentration, memory, ability to learn& grasp new subjects easily can be achieved due to regular mediation practice. Sixth sense or intuition starts developing for the doer of meditation. Lastly the role of meditation on one’s ego is well known. A person starts to know himself or herself well, so do they start knowing the surrounding.  A status of peace is attained in this chaotic world.

So if one can stay in peace and lead a disease friendly life style why then we do not spare 5 minutes of our time for mediation. Think ... Just five minutes...

Posted by Sudeep

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