Monday, October 4, 2010

What is your Best time to do yoga?

Couple of days ago one my client asked me this question; what is the best time to do Yoga?  She wondered if she should do yoga before lunch or after work or even late night yoga classes. So friends what is the answer what class is good for her? I asked this question on twitter and face book. Here is what you guys voted.
Now in this article I have some pointers to think about yoga time, Read those and then decide for yourself:

1] Early Morning Time:
Yes one of the most recommended timing to do yoga is the "Brahama Muhurta" or early morning. Brahama Muhrta also known as the hour of the God is spans of 2 hours before sunrise according to ancient know- how. Many reasons have been cited in this blog, here is the link. The biggest reason for this hour is because the body has well digested the food from the night before. This thus makes it easy for us to do different types of breathing and stretching asanas.

2] Yoga before Lunch or Dinner:
One important pointer about timing of yoga is to make sure to have an empty stomach. Many yogis agree to the fact that keeping the stomach empty at least 4 hours prior to doing yoga would be best.  This means one can have a light breakfast and then do yoga just before lunch or after lunch wait and just do yoga before dinner.

3] Any time Yoga:
According to Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik any time can be good time to do yoga as long as you have empty stomach. Does this statement make a complete sense for you... any time yoga? What do you think?

Here is a statement that sticks to me more than anything. I know this does not make sense. But not many of us can not have one full hour daily to do yoga. How about just doing few asanas here and their according to the requirement of that time.

How about doing some nice breathing exercise or Pranyama in the morning!! Forward bend or some neck rolls late in the evening just as you make your dinner would that be helpful. How about some mediation just before you go to bed.  Think about it ...
Other than the above timings its really does not make sense to do yoga. So folks if you are going to do yoga when your class offers make sure you fit the above three timings

Posted by Sudeep

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