Monday, October 25, 2010

Shoulder Rotation


Stress is one of the cruellest condition that affects every 21 century person. It would be nice that one can learn some simple techniques so that one reduces the negative effects of stress on our body. Last week we saw how to work on our neck and reduce the tension by doing  Kantasanchalana. Today we are going to see yet another simple pose known as Skandhasanchalana. “Skandha” means Shoulders in Sanskrit, while sanchalana” means movement.

How to do Skandhasanchalana or Shoulder Move?

1] This pose is to be done in sitting position especially in Vajrasana or Diamond pose or Thunder bolt pose.
2] As you keep the spine erect, make sure you neck is straight and eyes looking forward.
3] Lift your shoulders upwards with a jerk in such a way that they are near to the ears.
4] One can bring them down after keeping them in that way.
5] Another extension of this pose is to rotate them so lifting them upward and then pushing the shoulders back and then down and then forward back to normal position.

1] This exercise requires a little caution to all those who have injuries to the shoulder joint.
2] Over all a very simple work out still one cannot do this is haste or may hurt the joint in some way or other.

1] This sanchalana is a good start pose for all yogic asanas that require flexibility of the back and the shoulder joint.
2] A good pose to release tension from the shoulder and upper back area.

Posted by Sudeep

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