Monday, October 18, 2010

Neck Roll or Kantasanchalana

Now for a while we have been pursuing some very advanced pose in this blog. From today for a while I would love to go back to very basic steps that actually help a new comer get ready for different important poses of yoga. These movements are also like a warm up session for yoga class or can be used as relaxing poses in between two asanas. I hope my readers would enjoy doing this...

Kantasanchalana {Neck Roll }

The word “Kanta” meaning Neck in Sanskrit , while “sanchalana” meaning movement  thus the name of the work out Neck Movement or Neck roll as some may say. Here is a very basic work out that is beneficial for not just any yoga class but also for any form of exercises.

How to do Neck roll?

1] One may prefer either to do this pose standing up or in a sitting. If you prefer in a standing way choose to stand in Tadasana with just a simple change. Keep your palms on the side of the hips. If you choose to do in sitting form try to sit either in Vajrasana or Diamond pose or Siddhasana
2] As one takes the pose keep the neck straight as much as possible. Now close your eyes to start with this pose.
3] Slowly move your neck and bend it in such a way that the chin touches the sternum area.
4] From here slowly start to rotate the neck in such way that the left ears would try to connect with left shoulder , then the back of your head reaching out for the upper back and lastly the right ears trying to reach for the right shoulder.
5] Lastly one need to come back in the pose we started that is the chin touching the upper sternum.
6] This completes one rotation of the neck from one side. Repeat this again now starting from the right side to the left.

1] Now one need to understand to keep eyes closed for the whole point of rotation. Many people do not know that they might have motion sickness while doing this neck roll.
2] If any one feels light headed please stop this pose and just lie down on the mat for a while.
3] Those people who have issues with neck should do this pose only under expert guidance and watch.

1] Over all this pose increases the stamina and flexibility of the neck muscles.
2] A good pose for all those who work long hours on computers.
3] A nice work out to do even in our offices to get de stress in minutes.

Posted by Sudeep

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