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Milk: Health Benefit

Ayurvedic View Point

Milk one of the first source of nourishment that each one of  us have as we are born from our mothers. Soon we tend to nourish our self from breast milk and then move onward towards Cow’s milk. Yes in some parts yak milk, camel milk or goat milk...but after all we look for milk during those early years of human development. Yes we all know the importance of milk for our body, how it is great source of calcium and how it is good for our bones.
Here in this article we bring an article which would shed some more light on the properties fo milk and its benefits according to the science of life namely Ayurveda.

Properties of Milk

a] Milk according to Ayurveda is classified as Madhur Rasa  which means its sweet in taste and also represents all the properties of Sweet Taste.
b] Milk is also known in Ayurveda to be Guru or heavy to digest, hence one can see why not everyone can easily digest properly.
c] If one looks on the actions of milk on different dosha, Milk is known to reduce Vatta and Pitta dosha but it is also known to increase Kapha dosha .

Benefits of Milk

1] Weak, Fatigue:
Ayurveda recommends the intake of Milk especially Cow’s milk for all those who are weak, who are fatigue or feel tired both physically and mentally. Any chronic health condition can also bring fatigues and it’s said that Milk being “balakarark” a Sanskrit word for providing strength can be very helpful.

2] Light Laxative:
Milk as said is heavy to digest which also brings some sort of effect to the person after consumption which can be helpful. It is said to be acting as laxative, a very mild laxative. Hence not all react to milk in a same way, some enjoy it , some have issues.

3] Strength {Physical and mental}
Milk does not just provide freshness to any weak or fatigue person but also it is said that milk is an excellent source to increase memory and concentration. Kids who drank milk in the childhood are known to outsmart all those kids who do not or did not drink milk during childhood days.

4] Infertility:
Ayurveda speaks praises of milk as a Vrusya or aphrodisiac. The role of milk is not just seen in increasing sex power of a person but also works on the seeds especially the sperms. Infertility cases like azoospermia or oligospermia where sperm counts are very low or sperm mobility is seen low can be thus helped with simple use of Milk.

5] Skin Care:
Nourishing properties of milk are well known time long not just internally but also external. It is well known that Cleopatra ancient Egyptian ruler always bathe in Milk to keep her skin soft and smooth. Such was the fame of this liquid for skin care. Even today application of milk externally can help one smooth the skin and reduce the stress over the skin. Give it try....

So next time you drink a glass of milk... think not just about calcium and your bones , think even further and enjoy that glass.

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