Friday, October 15, 2010

Lifestyle for Pregnant women Part 2

In my last post I wrote about few habits and lifestyle changes that would benefit pregnant women. These benefits are meant not just for mothers but also in the long run for the infants in their adult life. Recent edition of Time Magazine speaks about such research. Here is the link.Let us continue what we started couple of days ago and speak of some more habits that might help the health of the baby and the mother.

Pranayama or deep breathing has many benefits as you all know, if you are not aware have a look at this post here. Overall recent researches have provided some new insight in regards to the benefit of Pranayama. Deep breathing is supposed to increase the circulation of blood and also the level of blood oxygen.  Thus as a foetal health is concern Pranayama is a boon for its nourishment as more blood flow towards the uterus means more nourishment. Pranayama is also a good way to de stress the women who goes through this period many a time with lots and lots of stress..
“OM” meditation is also known to have a long term effect during pregnancy for the mother and also on the baby.

Daily Chores:
According to ancient mythology of India the epic Mahabharata speaks about a story of young warrior named Abhimanyu, the son of the mighty Arjuna the Pandav. It is said that Prince Abhimanyu learned many tactics of war when his dad recited to his mother when he was in her womb.
Forget the mythology part but this yes this is true and researchers are busy trying to prove it. Day to day life chores of pregnant women affects the foetus in different ways. The books the mother read, the songs she hears, the movies she watch would have a long lasting effect on the infant. So why not take this opportunity to make that infant healthy.
It is thus advised that mothers should read informative books, movie rather than scary, tragic or violent ones. I always have been recommending mothers who come to meet me to start learning something new in life during that stage. Those who are spiritual and religious can take help of reading different spiritual books and even reciting them

No no no way!!! Avoid this...

1] Alcohol, Caffeine, Junk food is number one of the list.
2] Avoid Junk food, aspartame, and other preservatives in food.
3] Avoid over the counter medications like Tylenol, paracetamol. Consult your family physician
4] So is true with herbs, Saffron, Cumin powder, papaya fruit , aloes can be troublesome during pregnancy. Check out with your nathropath or vaidya .
5] Avoid over exposure to electric waves, continuous use of i-pods, laptops, electric blanket. Even exposure to X-Ray should be very minimal.

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