Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life style changes for Pregnant Women: Part 1

Gone are the days when women do not care of what they eat and do when pregnant. Most of the educated class have started to have proper regime in some way or other during those important day of women-hood. Even though this is a very new thought for the 21 century women’s, Ayurveda shared this vision of a very different lifestyle for pregnant women.
According to Ayurveda the lifestyle of pregnant women should be proper as it not just affects the health of the pregnant women but also the infant’s health. Good things done during those days would have lasting impression on the infant even as an adult in the later stage. And so are bad things.

Important Habits to Cultivate

1] Diet:

As pregnant women you are going to eat not just for you but also for your baby so keep that in mind all the time when you eat. Follow all the health eating habits that have been posted on this blog {Here is the link }. It is very important that one should eat according to the seasons going one. If its summer time looks out for fresh fruits, winter time body might need more fats so provide them with either dry fruits or meat products .Try to have a meal of Shad Ras or all the six tastes.

Avoid foods that are full of preservatives or chemicals for a healthy baby. Avoid junk food, frozen food and lastly left over’s. Too much spicy and salty food and fruits like papaya can bother the growth of the fetus. Lastly do not do any crazy fast during pregnancy.

2] Body Massage or Abyanga:

The importance of whole body oil massage or “Abynaga” is not new to readers of this blog. {Here is a link} For pregnant women abynaga provides additional benefits which are a reason why this should be included for sure in day to day lifestyle of a every pregnant women.
The abdomen area of the pregnant women and so do other parts are going to stretch a lot during those nine months. Post pregnancy stretch marks are thus very common after wards. To prevent them abynaga remains the best solution. Not just for that reason according to different joint pain and back pain do trouble during those nine months. To get comfort and avoid those pains and ache body massage is the best answer.
Just before shower or bath apply warm oil {Sesame seed oil} all over the body and then go and have shower/bath is the simple way to do this abayaga.

3] Yoga:

The roles of yoga in the life of humans have always been for dual reasons, one for the physical body and other for the mind. For a pregnant woman half to one hour yoga would be suggestive for the same reason.
Physically yogic exercise like Baddha Konasana, Upavista Konasana and others offer a great way to stretch those muscles of the women’s body that might be tested during labor. Also yogic poses would help in fetal growth. Increased flow of blood and nourishment would be seen towards the uterus and the baby due to yoga.
On the mental aspect yoga and any type of body exercise is going to reduce the mental and the physical stress that the pregnant women go through during those nine months. Accept the fact that we are in a very competitive world, stress is always hovering around us. Yoga gives a nice answer to relax.

To be continued....... Friday at 5.00 pm EST.

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