Monday, October 11, 2010

Importance of Thanks Giving

It has been my fifth year of celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada. Yes being an Indian we love each and every festival. It’s not the festival but more the being in the company of friends and family members with some nice food is what we love as some of my Canadian friends would say. But still for this one festival cum culture in Canada I feel more connected than any other. Here are some thoughts on Thanks giving and its importance and some work out.

History of Thanks giving
Couple of stories relate to this particular festival here in North America. For some Thanks giving is a way of offering thanks to the Mother Nature for the nice harvest season.
For some thanksgiving culture was said to be started by those who crossed from Britain to America for the first time. It was also a festival to show friendship with the local natives as some believe.

Meaning of Thanksgiving:
One of the main reasons that I love this custom is for a single word that is the basic of the society. “Thank you” a word that is used in every sphere of life, may it be family or at work or anywhere in the society. Being grateful and always show gratitude is what this festival is all about.
Now we do say thanks every since we started to speak. But is that from your heart. See for yourself.
Make sure when you say those golden word to speak from the bottom of your heart. See how it affects others and hey also you...

Today on Thanks giving:
  • Say thanks to your Parents, Spouse, kids and relatives for giving you the life you are living
  • Say thanks to your business friends and colleagues.
  • Say thanks to each person that you normally meet in your everyday life.
  • Say thanks to your foes or professional rivals. It’s because of them you have a mission.
  • Say thanks to your local community, city, country and last but not the least to the whole Universe.
  • Say thanks to the Mother Nature, The Space, The Air, The Fire, The Water and The Earth.

A Small Suggestion:
My friend Michelle wrote couple of days ago in her blog about keeping a small gratitude journal. I liked that idea and thought of sharing with you too. Do not just thank everyone just for today but why not thank them every day by writing it out every day at night time just as you go to bed.

Happy Thanks Giving to All 

Posted by Sudeep

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