Friday, October 8, 2010

Few Food Exception for the Theory of Shad Ras

We have seen for the last few weeks about different types of Shad as or Six tastes of our food. We have seen how each of the food in those six tastes has their own actions that would help our body or trouble the body. But Mother Nature has its own rule, not all food has to follow those rules and has some exception.  Let us see those exceptions and see how that can benefit us.

1] Moong Dal :
Known as yellow spilt lentils this are well known in the Indian community as Moong dal The exception of this particular food is that even being Sweet in taste this dal does not increases Kapha as every Madhur Ras food group does.
For a lay man this know how can used to control and balance the kapah dosha. Moong dal is also a choice of dal for every person who wants to control his or her weight.

2] Pomegranate and Indian Goose Berry:
Both fruits are known in Ayurveda as Amla rasa or Sour tasting food. Sour food are normally said to increase Pitta dosha. But the case with this two fruits is very different. Both are known to decrease the aggravated pitta.
Well for a lay man when one is torubled with acidity or heart burn one should avoid sour food but eat pomegranate and  Indian goose berry also known as amala. They would actually reduce the acidic reflux.

3] Saindhav or Rock Salt:
Salts according to Ayurveda are known to be bad for our eyes and vision but one salt called as Saindhav or Rock salt has very different property. One can eat this salt even if you have vision issues like glaucoma and cataract.
For a lay man this salt is also prescribed for those who suffer blood pressure and other conditions where salt is not eaten.

4] Dried Ginger Powder:
Ginger is basically a good example of Katu ras or pungent taste. Normally Katu ras are well known to decrease sperm count and also increase Vatta. Ginger is actually the opposite than that entire pungent taste group food. Thus making it unique for a lay man in its own sense.

Another use of all the above exceptions is basically when you crave one particular group of taste. Say you feel like eating Sour food, one cannot eat a lot, due to its effects that it creates in excess. But one can try using exceptional like pomegranates which still can be safe to eat.

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