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The Concept of Shad Ras or Six Taste

Last six weeks you have been learning about different tastes according to Ayurveda. Each taste with its own way of know-how, has its plus and minus points. While writing one of the post Ralph one of my friend asked me a question about the importance of knowing all this six taste. Yes we know them, they have their own significance but what is group purpose. In this article I would try to share the importance of the know-how of this six taste and their combine purpose.

Shad Ras Theory and its Importance

1] Six Taste to Make a Complete Meal:
According to Ayurveda each and every meal that each one us have should be with all the six tastes in a food group. This would be defined as a complete meal according to Ayurveda. We try to group our food in X amount of protein and Y amount of carbohydrate and so on and on, but does it contains all the six taste. Ask this question yourself the next time you eat a meal.
{Just a know how proteins and carbohydrate mostly are mostly Madhur Ras according to Ayurveda}

2] Eat according to Prakruti:
Given said the fact that everyone should have all the six taste in one’s diet, still we are very different from each other. Thus each one of us should eat according to prakruti too. Vatta Prakruti person would find sweet, sour and salty in diet keep them healthy, while Pitta Prakruti would like Sweet Bitter and Astringent and the Kapha Prakruti Pungent bitter and astringent would keep them healthy.

3] Sweet Taste and its Importance:
Yes each and every individual would require one major taste in his or her diet and that is Sweet. Madhur Ras is known to provide the required energy for the day to day functioning of the body in all the Shad Ras. It’s up to us what we choose in Sweet taste.
Look out what food are Madhur or Sweet Taste in the link here.

4] Lean towards one Taste or Ras, Lose your Health:
Each Ras as we saw before as its own health issues if eaten in excess and that is what would happen if any one starts indulging in one of the six Ras more than usual. Rather the issue of Obesity in North America is somewhat connected to excessive intake to Madhur Ras rather than anything. Give it a thought ...

5] Shad Ras and Treating Health Condition:
The theory of Shad Ras does not simply help all those who are healthy but also for those who have health conditions.  Diabetes a conditions where blood glucose level has been increased, the Shad Ras theory speaks of using the exact opposite of Madhur Ras that is Bitter Taste to reduce the effects of excess sugar. Thus herbs like Neem, Karela or Bitter gourd which has bitter taste or Kashya Ras helps in treating diabetes.

Overall this theory of Shad Ras if followed can actually treat different conditions. In various ways to help a client the author have meet many famous Vaidya’s who actually practice by treating a conditions on this simple theory.

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