Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ayurveda and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is something that many people are known to here in North America. Even my own know of this diseases was here in Canada rather than back home. A conditions which is really hard to define as its always group of issues coming together. Over all pain is what really bothers a person suffering with this condition. Yes a huge list follows it with what he or she might suffer but pain is the worst of it. Here is a post that might help you understand what Ayurveda can offer for such health conditions.

One of the important ways of treating any Vatta disorder condition according to Ayurveda is by doing Abynaga. Here even in the case of Fibromyalgia one of the basic steps to treat this condition is by simple Abayanga. Application of warm sesame seed oil or any herbal oil that is vatta pacifying is applied all over the body daily to relax the muscles and reduce the vatta from the body.
Do not mistake Abayanga to massage, pressure massage can actually alleviate the pain rather than reduce in this condition. So just simple application and not massage is what one needs to look out for.

One of the potent herb that Ayurveda has for any sort of pain especially pain resultant from inflammation is Ginger. Anti inflammatory properties of Ginger are well known in the medical spheres. But it’s not just for that reason that ginger is used in Ayurveda.
Many times ama or toxic waste remains the root cause during new cases of fibromyalgia and the best way to remove and digest that in build ama is by using Ginger. It is said to help in cellular digestion and thus reduce the ama from the muscles relieving the pain.
Some other herbs that can give good results in Ayurveda as Garlic , turmeric. Both of them do work on the same principal as of Ginger.

Stress remains one of the root cause for many in this condition. And the best way to take stress on check is by doing Pranayama. Pranayama or deep breathing is known as most important limbs in Astanga Yoga. Learning this technique with guidance of yoga teachers and using it can help a lot for all those who suffer with Fibromyalgia.
Pranayama is not just suggested here to decrease stress but also it is the action of deep breathing that increase blood oxygen level in the body thus providing enough nutrients for each cell around the body. This also helps to reduce the pain in due time. Pranayama  has been deployed to reduce pain by many yogis for their clients. Try it today...

Life style changes:
According to Ayurveda herbs and medicines are of no use unless you actually try to correct your life style. So is true when it comes in helping any person with Fibromyalgia. Here are couple of pointers that might help readers:

1] Avoid a lazy regime even if you are in pain. Prefer some light walk or swim or even simple movements of every joint as exercise daily.
2] Stress remains an important trigger for an pain attack. It would be good to avoid it or try ways to reduce stress. Here are few ways to reduce it click here
3] Avoid napping in the afternoon and also avoid late nights. Have a good sleep regime.
4] Alcohol, caffeine are places where one must avoid venturing too much. Green tea, herbal tea, Herba- Matte might be good choice to consume often.
5] Avoid deep tissue massage as that might trigger severe pain in some cases.

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