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5 Foods to make you go loo

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To have a health body one need to eat healthy and so in return would have a healthy bowel moment. Unluckily the real world is very different than what we think.  It is said that 1 in 4 people in developing countries and the first world countries suffer with Constipation. The number might be even higher in cities than in small villages. Instead of blaming our lifestyle here what could we possibly do to make sure we have a bowel moment daily? Here are the lists of 5 food items that are known to give you a nice bowel moment daily.

1] Prunes:
One of the most effective fruit that can give you a nice bowel moment is Prunes. Known to mankind for its role since ancient times this are small fruits that can be taken daily in our diet, as a snack or like a fruit juice to provide the necessary fibres. One can also soak some prunes in the night time in luke-warm water and drink that water and eat those prunes next day. A health bowel moment is assured every day ...even for young infants.

2] Apples:
“An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away” I have always wondered if this saying has something to do with bowel moments. Apples in Ayurveda are known to have a light laxative effect. Thus enjoying one apple a day one enjoys good bowel moment and in return health.  . Yes one more tip please do not remove the skin of apple if you are thinking to use it as a mild laxative.

3] Ancient Grains:
Ancient Grains like  Millets, Wild Rice & Quinoa  are well known for their high fibre content. It might be because of the husk or the external skin that is still intact with certain grains like wild rice  I would like to go one step further and would say that just avoid any white flour or white rice and see the result on your bowel moment.

4] Milk:
Cow’s Milk especially raw would have a real nice effect on our digestion. Ayurveda recommends cow’s milk for its value for mild laxative too. Yes many a time we complain about stomach pains and laxative effects of milk, but if taken properly one might see a nice laxative effect.
Try slow heating the milk and then one can have it either luke- warm or cold.

5] Flax Seeds:
Although these seeds are like herbs to few officially they have entered the kitchen of most of North American folks who are health conscious. Flax seeds are well known to have a nice laxative effect. Here is one tip that might be more useful if you are eating those seeds make sure one have seeds or grounded seeds rather than oil. The more you chew the added would be your benefit to help a good bowel moment. Just one or two tsp a day and not more...

Other than these five green salads, vegetables and fruits are enough in one’s diet to have a nice digestion system and in return a good bowel moment. More one may eat processed more one might have issues with bowel.
Eat Fresh ... Have that your Motto !!

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