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Health Benefit of Pumpkin

Looking beyond Halloween.....

Its the season of trickier treating, to be scared and to scare others, its the festival of fun namely Halloween. My known how is very little being very new to this country but still I enjoy decorating those pumpkins. Pumpkins a big fruit vegetable that has been a medium of decoration for this festival do also have many benefits. In this article we would have a look on all those benefits.


Pumpkin is a fruit from the species Cucurbita pepo or Cucurbita mixta basically from the family of Cucurbitaceae. It thus belongs to the same family of Cucumber, Squash and other vegetables which grows on vine and have many seeds. The actual word pumpkin originates from the word pepon (πέπων) which in Greek means large melon.

Pumpkin benefit according to Ayurveda

a) According to Asthang Sangrah one of the famous books in Ayurveda Pumpkin especially Red Pumpkin is one of the best vegetable from all the fruit vegetables that grow on vines.
b)  Pumpkin is well known to reduce both Vatta Dosha and Pitta Dosha. Thus people who have alleviated Vatta or Pitta are safe to eat this fruit.
c) Pumpkin is also known for its role in Ayurveda as “Basti Shodan” which means that it cleans the bladder and the surrounding organs. In today’s science we are well versed with the action of pumpkin on prostrate.
d) Here is a vegetable with lots of seeds, this fruit is bound to increase our own seeds especially sperms. Ayurveda speaks highly of this fruit as “virya vardhak”. [Read more about Seedless and Infertility]

Pumpkin and Diabetes:

A research conducted by East China Normal University confirmed that pumpkin promote regeneration of damaged pancreatic cells resulting in increased bloodstream insulin levels. Researchers who conduct this experiment speak highly of using pumpkin for all those people who are at risk of diabetes and also for all those who suffer with diabetes.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are equally important as the fruits are for our health. Known as pepitas pumpkin seeds are eaten and are well known for snacks. These are the seeds which are known in Ayurveda to destroy worms in small kids and infants. This seeds are also known for prostate issue, cholesterol and even for clinical depression.

Read more about Pumpkin seeds in this article here.

Happy Halloween

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Foods to make you go loo

Daily .....

To have a health body one need to eat healthy and so in return would have a healthy bowel moment. Unluckily the real world is very different than what we think.  It is said that 1 in 4 people in developing countries and the first world countries suffer with Constipation. The number might be even higher in cities than in small villages. Instead of blaming our lifestyle here what could we possibly do to make sure we have a bowel moment daily? Here are the lists of 5 food items that are known to give you a nice bowel moment daily.

1] Prunes:
One of the most effective fruit that can give you a nice bowel moment is Prunes. Known to mankind for its role since ancient times this are small fruits that can be taken daily in our diet, as a snack or like a fruit juice to provide the necessary fibres. One can also soak some prunes in the night time in luke-warm water and drink that water and eat those prunes next day. A health bowel moment is assured every day ...even for young infants.

2] Apples:
“An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away” I have always wondered if this saying has something to do with bowel moments. Apples in Ayurveda are known to have a light laxative effect. Thus enjoying one apple a day one enjoys good bowel moment and in return health.  . Yes one more tip please do not remove the skin of apple if you are thinking to use it as a mild laxative.

3] Ancient Grains:
Ancient Grains like  Millets, Wild Rice & Quinoa  are well known for their high fibre content. It might be because of the husk or the external skin that is still intact with certain grains like wild rice  I would like to go one step further and would say that just avoid any white flour or white rice and see the result on your bowel moment.

4] Milk:
Cow’s Milk especially raw would have a real nice effect on our digestion. Ayurveda recommends cow’s milk for its value for mild laxative too. Yes many a time we complain about stomach pains and laxative effects of milk, but if taken properly one might see a nice laxative effect.
Try slow heating the milk and then one can have it either luke- warm or cold.

5] Flax Seeds:
Although these seeds are like herbs to few officially they have entered the kitchen of most of North American folks who are health conscious. Flax seeds are well known to have a nice laxative effect. Here is one tip that might be more useful if you are eating those seeds make sure one have seeds or grounded seeds rather than oil. The more you chew the added would be your benefit to help a good bowel moment. Just one or two tsp a day and not more...

Other than these five green salads, vegetables and fruits are enough in one’s diet to have a nice digestion system and in return a good bowel moment. More one may eat processed more one might have issues with bowel.
Eat Fresh ... Have that your Motto !!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Shoulder Rotation


Stress is one of the cruellest condition that affects every 21 century person. It would be nice that one can learn some simple techniques so that one reduces the negative effects of stress on our body. Last week we saw how to work on our neck and reduce the tension by doing  Kantasanchalana. Today we are going to see yet another simple pose known as Skandhasanchalana. “Skandha” means Shoulders in Sanskrit, while sanchalana” means movement.

How to do Skandhasanchalana or Shoulder Move?

1] This pose is to be done in sitting position especially in Vajrasana or Diamond pose or Thunder bolt pose.
2] As you keep the spine erect, make sure you neck is straight and eyes looking forward.
3] Lift your shoulders upwards with a jerk in such a way that they are near to the ears.
4] One can bring them down after keeping them in that way.
5] Another extension of this pose is to rotate them so lifting them upward and then pushing the shoulders back and then down and then forward back to normal position.

1] This exercise requires a little caution to all those who have injuries to the shoulder joint.
2] Over all a very simple work out still one cannot do this is haste or may hurt the joint in some way or other.

1] This sanchalana is a good start pose for all yogic asanas that require flexibility of the back and the shoulder joint.
2] A good pose to release tension from the shoulder and upper back area.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Milk: Health Benefit

Ayurvedic View Point

Milk one of the first source of nourishment that each one of  us have as we are born from our mothers. Soon we tend to nourish our self from breast milk and then move onward towards Cow’s milk. Yes in some parts yak milk, camel milk or goat milk...but after all we look for milk during those early years of human development. Yes we all know the importance of milk for our body, how it is great source of calcium and how it is good for our bones.
Here in this article we bring an article which would shed some more light on the properties fo milk and its benefits according to the science of life namely Ayurveda.

Properties of Milk

a] Milk according to Ayurveda is classified as Madhur Rasa  which means its sweet in taste and also represents all the properties of Sweet Taste.
b] Milk is also known in Ayurveda to be Guru or heavy to digest, hence one can see why not everyone can easily digest properly.
c] If one looks on the actions of milk on different dosha, Milk is known to reduce Vatta and Pitta dosha but it is also known to increase Kapha dosha .

Benefits of Milk

1] Weak, Fatigue:
Ayurveda recommends the intake of Milk especially Cow’s milk for all those who are weak, who are fatigue or feel tired both physically and mentally. Any chronic health condition can also bring fatigues and it’s said that Milk being “balakarark” a Sanskrit word for providing strength can be very helpful.

2] Light Laxative:
Milk as said is heavy to digest which also brings some sort of effect to the person after consumption which can be helpful. It is said to be acting as laxative, a very mild laxative. Hence not all react to milk in a same way, some enjoy it , some have issues.

3] Strength {Physical and mental}
Milk does not just provide freshness to any weak or fatigue person but also it is said that milk is an excellent source to increase memory and concentration. Kids who drank milk in the childhood are known to outsmart all those kids who do not or did not drink milk during childhood days.

4] Infertility:
Ayurveda speaks praises of milk as a Vrusya or aphrodisiac. The role of milk is not just seen in increasing sex power of a person but also works on the seeds especially the sperms. Infertility cases like azoospermia or oligospermia where sperm counts are very low or sperm mobility is seen low can be thus helped with simple use of Milk.

5] Skin Care:
Nourishing properties of milk are well known time long not just internally but also external. It is well known that Cleopatra ancient Egyptian ruler always bathe in Milk to keep her skin soft and smooth. Such was the fame of this liquid for skin care. Even today application of milk externally can help one smooth the skin and reduce the stress over the skin. Give it try....

So next time you drink a glass of milk... think not just about calcium and your bones , think even further and enjoy that glass.

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Ayurveda and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is something that many people are known to here in North America. Even my own know of this diseases was here in Canada rather than back home. A conditions which is really hard to define as its always group of issues coming together. Over all pain is what really bothers a person suffering with this condition. Yes a huge list follows it with what he or she might suffer but pain is the worst of it. Here is a post that might help you understand what Ayurveda can offer for such health conditions.

One of the important ways of treating any Vatta disorder condition according to Ayurveda is by doing Abynaga. Here even in the case of Fibromyalgia one of the basic steps to treat this condition is by simple Abayanga. Application of warm sesame seed oil or any herbal oil that is vatta pacifying is applied all over the body daily to relax the muscles and reduce the vatta from the body.
Do not mistake Abayanga to massage, pressure massage can actually alleviate the pain rather than reduce in this condition. So just simple application and not massage is what one needs to look out for.

One of the potent herb that Ayurveda has for any sort of pain especially pain resultant from inflammation is Ginger. Anti inflammatory properties of Ginger are well known in the medical spheres. But it’s not just for that reason that ginger is used in Ayurveda.
Many times ama or toxic waste remains the root cause during new cases of fibromyalgia and the best way to remove and digest that in build ama is by using Ginger. It is said to help in cellular digestion and thus reduce the ama from the muscles relieving the pain.
Some other herbs that can give good results in Ayurveda as Garlic , turmeric. Both of them do work on the same principal as of Ginger.

Stress remains one of the root cause for many in this condition. And the best way to take stress on check is by doing Pranayama. Pranayama or deep breathing is known as most important limbs in Astanga Yoga. Learning this technique with guidance of yoga teachers and using it can help a lot for all those who suffer with Fibromyalgia.
Pranayama is not just suggested here to decrease stress but also it is the action of deep breathing that increase blood oxygen level in the body thus providing enough nutrients for each cell around the body. This also helps to reduce the pain in due time. Pranayama  has been deployed to reduce pain by many yogis for their clients. Try it today...

Life style changes:
According to Ayurveda herbs and medicines are of no use unless you actually try to correct your life style. So is true when it comes in helping any person with Fibromyalgia. Here are couple of pointers that might help readers:

1] Avoid a lazy regime even if you are in pain. Prefer some light walk or swim or even simple movements of every joint as exercise daily.
2] Stress remains an important trigger for an pain attack. It would be good to avoid it or try ways to reduce stress. Here are few ways to reduce it click here
3] Avoid napping in the afternoon and also avoid late nights. Have a good sleep regime.
4] Alcohol, caffeine are places where one must avoid venturing too much. Green tea, herbal tea, Herba- Matte might be good choice to consume often.
5] Avoid deep tissue massage as that might trigger severe pain in some cases.

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Neck Roll or Kantasanchalana

Now for a while we have been pursuing some very advanced pose in this blog. From today for a while I would love to go back to very basic steps that actually help a new comer get ready for different important poses of yoga. These movements are also like a warm up session for yoga class or can be used as relaxing poses in between two asanas. I hope my readers would enjoy doing this...

Kantasanchalana {Neck Roll }

The word “Kanta” meaning Neck in Sanskrit , while “sanchalana” meaning movement  thus the name of the work out Neck Movement or Neck roll as some may say. Here is a very basic work out that is beneficial for not just any yoga class but also for any form of exercises.

How to do Neck roll?

1] One may prefer either to do this pose standing up or in a sitting. If you prefer in a standing way choose to stand in Tadasana with just a simple change. Keep your palms on the side of the hips. If you choose to do in sitting form try to sit either in Vajrasana or Diamond pose or Siddhasana
2] As one takes the pose keep the neck straight as much as possible. Now close your eyes to start with this pose.
3] Slowly move your neck and bend it in such a way that the chin touches the sternum area.
4] From here slowly start to rotate the neck in such way that the left ears would try to connect with left shoulder , then the back of your head reaching out for the upper back and lastly the right ears trying to reach for the right shoulder.
5] Lastly one need to come back in the pose we started that is the chin touching the upper sternum.
6] This completes one rotation of the neck from one side. Repeat this again now starting from the right side to the left.

1] Now one need to understand to keep eyes closed for the whole point of rotation. Many people do not know that they might have motion sickness while doing this neck roll.
2] If any one feels light headed please stop this pose and just lie down on the mat for a while.
3] Those people who have issues with neck should do this pose only under expert guidance and watch.

1] Over all this pose increases the stamina and flexibility of the neck muscles.
2] A good pose for all those who work long hours on computers.
3] A nice work out to do even in our offices to get de stress in minutes.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lifestyle for Pregnant women Part 2

In my last post I wrote about few habits and lifestyle changes that would benefit pregnant women. These benefits are meant not just for mothers but also in the long run for the infants in their adult life. Recent edition of Time Magazine speaks about such research. Here is the link.Let us continue what we started couple of days ago and speak of some more habits that might help the health of the baby and the mother.

Pranayama or deep breathing has many benefits as you all know, if you are not aware have a look at this post here. Overall recent researches have provided some new insight in regards to the benefit of Pranayama. Deep breathing is supposed to increase the circulation of blood and also the level of blood oxygen.  Thus as a foetal health is concern Pranayama is a boon for its nourishment as more blood flow towards the uterus means more nourishment. Pranayama is also a good way to de stress the women who goes through this period many a time with lots and lots of stress..
“OM” meditation is also known to have a long term effect during pregnancy for the mother and also on the baby.

Daily Chores:
According to ancient mythology of India the epic Mahabharata speaks about a story of young warrior named Abhimanyu, the son of the mighty Arjuna the Pandav. It is said that Prince Abhimanyu learned many tactics of war when his dad recited to his mother when he was in her womb.
Forget the mythology part but this yes this is true and researchers are busy trying to prove it. Day to day life chores of pregnant women affects the foetus in different ways. The books the mother read, the songs she hears, the movies she watch would have a long lasting effect on the infant. So why not take this opportunity to make that infant healthy.
It is thus advised that mothers should read informative books, movie rather than scary, tragic or violent ones. I always have been recommending mothers who come to meet me to start learning something new in life during that stage. Those who are spiritual and religious can take help of reading different spiritual books and even reciting them

No no no way!!! Avoid this...

1] Alcohol, Caffeine, Junk food is number one of the list.
2] Avoid Junk food, aspartame, and other preservatives in food.
3] Avoid over the counter medications like Tylenol, paracetamol. Consult your family physician
4] So is true with herbs, Saffron, Cumin powder, papaya fruit , aloes can be troublesome during pregnancy. Check out with your nathropath or vaidya .
5] Avoid over exposure to electric waves, continuous use of i-pods, laptops, electric blanket. Even exposure to X-Ray should be very minimal.

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