Monday, September 6, 2010


Scale Pose or Tolasana

Today we are going to try a small variation of Lotus pose or Padmasana . This pose is not a mere extension but more presented for those group of people who are more advance in yoga compared to beginners.
“Scale Pose or Tolasana” is known basically because of the shape one takes in this pose like a balance or Scale which in Sanskrit is called as “Tol”. Thus the name of the pose Tolasana or Scale pose.

How to do Tolasana or Scale Pose?

1] Start this pose as said for doing Lotus pose and come to final stage of Padmasana.
2] Now keep both the arms on the side. Place the palms on each side of the body touching the ground right besides the knees.
3] Exhale and give your both hands a push so to raise the whole body including the folded legs.
4] Squeezing the abdominal muscles can help you do this pose more easily.
5] Try to keep your back straight and head up. Avoid pushing your upper torso forward.
5] Hold yourself in this suspended pose for 3 to 5 breath is possible.

1] Avoid doing this pose if suffering with health conditions in regards to wrist and arms as the whole body remains balance on them in this pose.
2] Use of Props is suggested by many yoga teachers in the early stage of this asana.
3] Those who could not Padmasana should not try this pose.

1] A pose that gives strength to the wrist joint and the arms.

Chakra Effects:

Most of the Chakra that are benefited by Padmasana are benefited by this too.

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