Friday, September 3, 2010

Salty Taste

Lavan Rasa

This week I am going to speak about Salty taste or known in Sanskrit as "Lavana ras". Out of the six taste one taste that dominates not in quantity but for the want of it in  food is salty taste or Lavana ras. “Salt : Too Little or Too Less” an article that I wrote couple of months back spoke a lot about this particular taste. In this article I would focus more on the view of Ayurveda in regards to salty taste.

What is Salty Taste ?

Ayurveda defines a taste where one simply shows excessive salivation and feels burning sensation in a small amount on the palate and the throat as Lavana Ras or Salty taste.

Salty Food group according to Ayurveda:

All over the world different forms and ways is salt created ,from sea beds, from rocks from mountains so and so. All of them are basically salty to taste as in Ayurveda. One of the most recommended salt is the Saindhav salt  which is basically Rock salt from a particular part of India.

Benefits of Salty Taste :

1] Lavan ras or Salty is an ideal taste that helps destroy different sorts of blockages in the body. May be because of excessive mucos or even just stool chocked up.
2] It is well known to increase the digestive fire thus helping digestion.
3] Salt in a way helps us to taste the food better thus increases the power of tasting.

Effects of Overindulgence in Lavana Ras :

1] Thinning of hairs, loss of hair , baldness, and even premature greying of hairs are due to over indulgence of Salty food in our diet.
2] Skin diseases and different types of eczema have been reported to be caused due to over intake of salt.
3] Gout or Vatta Rakta in Ayurveda is said to be caused due to this. Modern know how confirms the fact that excessive deposition of uric acid is the cause of Gout.
4] Increase of thirst can also be seen due to this taste group.

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