Monday, September 27, 2010


The Peacock Pose

Yoga takes the help of different forms in nature so that we humans gain strength both physically and mentally. Animals have been one of the most favorite characters for different yogic asana. May it be how a animal stand or sit, it still provides an ideal exercise for us humans. Here in today’s asana we would be having a look at one such beautiful pose which is adapted from one such magnificent bird the Peacock. In Sanskrit peacock is called as “Mayur” hence the name of the pose is “Mayurasana” or Peacock pose.

How to do Peacock pose?

1] Start the pose with kneeling down on the floor , pretty similar to Vajrasana or Thunder bolt pose. The only difference in this starting pose is that we keep our palms touching the floor, in front of our knee joints in such way that the fingers are pointing inside and not outside.
2] Hold your elbows as close as one can and start leaning forward on your hands.
3] As you lean forward start bending the elbows at a right angle and slowly slide the knees outside of your arms.
4] Rest your abdomen on the elbows and your toes for a while. Making the abdomen well rested on the elbows slowly lean more forewords so your face moves downward a little bit and one can easily lift the toes above the ground.
5] Keep the legs straight and maintain this position for the first time just for one or two breath and then slowly increasing the span.

1] People those have health conditions of wrist joint, elbows and arms should avoid this asana.
2] This remains an advance pose, so for all beginners this might be difficult. It takes long patience and practice to do this pose. So do not be hard on the body. Take guidance from the experts if needed.

1] Gives strength to the wrist arms and the shoulder muscles.
2] Tones the abdomen
3] A pose that also works on concentration.

This asana is known to stimulate the Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

Posted by Sudeep

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