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Lice : Facts and Herbal Remedies

New school season have just started and one thing that any mother would hate to hear would be an outbreak of Lice infection in schools. If one kid face this issue it would hardly take few days to spread to each and every kid in the school and then in the neighborhood. Such is the nature of devastation that this little creature can bring in the society. What are this creature and how to keep our kids away from such nasty creature? Know more all about that in this post.

Basic Facts about Lice?
It is said that in US alone between 6 million to 12 million people are affected with head lice each year. The most common being the kids of age 3 to 11. These small wingless creatures live on the hairs and feed on the skin and blood of the victim. Lice are about the size of sesame seed which makes them hard for identification and removal. A typical lice attack would cause excessive itching on the scalp, irritation and may cause bacterial infection due to over scratching.

Conventional Remedies:
Conventionally different types of pesticides or insecticides you may say are used and recommended to use. The most popular ones are namely

Now the biggest concern that is face in the recent time is most of the recent lice attacks have been seen immune to such type of drugs. Over use is one of the major cause for such results.

Home Based Remedies:

1] Tea Tree oil:
Studies on larger population are still required but The U.S. National Institutes of Health reports that tea tree oil may be effective as a treatment for lice. Applying this oil in dilution of just 10 percent of the final oil mixture might be enough to kill lice. Studies also show that tea tree oil contains “Monoterpernoids” that disrupts the nervous system of the insect thus killing it.

2] Neem and Turmeric:
The combination of these two Native herbs from India is known to be lethal against lice since ages. Neem or Azadirachta indica a tree which leaves have a powerful insecticide property, while turmeric or Curcuma longa roots have the same property. Mix together it gives the final punch to the lice.
To use it against lice one need to make a paste of turmeric and neem leaves and then apply on the affected part. Allow it to dry and then wash it off. Results are on your way.

Other than this many other anti lice herbs are known in the know-how of home based remedies. This includes olive oil, coconut oil which has been recommended by a study in Israel University. Here in North America Vinegar, mayonnaise is also well known to work against lice.

A Word of Advice:
One cannot prevent one’s kid from nasty lice attack but it does not mean to expose them with heavy insecticides which are all chemical based. Try to work on simple home remedies, may be consult your doctor or physician and see what they say on home based treatments.

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