Friday, September 10, 2010

Bitter Taste

Tikta Rasa

One of the important taste group that has been missing in our diet is  the bitter taste. Ample of choices can be chosen but unluckily we try to avoid those chooses because we do not like this taste.

What is Bitter Taste?
In Ayurveda this taste is known as Tikta Ras or Bitter taste in English. A taste that when eaten makes one crave another taste of other kind immediately is known as Bitter taste. It also makes the tongue go a little heavy.

Food Groups that are Bitter in Taste
Most of the green vegetables and salads that we eat in day to day life are bitter to taste or Tikta
Spinach, Kale Swiss Chard
Common spices like Turmeric, fenugreek seeds and even flax seeds are bitter taste.
Bitter gourd a vegetable known to be good for diabetes is basically bitter in taste.
Neem leaves are also bitter to taste.  

Benefits of Bitter Taste
Whatever is bitter is healthy as one old saying in India speaks about bitter food. Here are some of the benefits of Bitter Taste.
1] This taste is actually a palate cleanser, after eating this taste actually increases the sensation of taste for the person.
2] Decreases Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha which might actually good for many disorders like diabetes and obesity which are caused by Kapha imbalance.
3] This taste is known for its de-worming effects.
4] It is also a taste that is known to cleanse the excretory system of the body.

Excess Intake of Bitter Taste:
Many people go crazy eating raw food especially salads this results in excess bitter taste. Normally being very light this taste increases Vatta in the body creating different Vatta disorders like weight loss, dry skin, dryness of the mouth because of over indulgence.

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