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Astringent Taste

Kashaaya Ras
Now in all the flavors the one taste that is hardly known to the new generation is the Astringent taste. Although the food that taste astringent are very common but the actual taste is much unknown which makes this taste unique in itself.

What is Kashaaya Taste?

“Kashaaya Ras” or also known in English as Astringent flavour is a taste which is very unique in itself. As one eats any of the food products which have this taste would notice a immediate dryness and heaviness on the tongue and overall oral cavity. The dryness also applies to all parts where this taste is in contact with.

Food Group that taste Kashaaya Ras?
In the whole food groups not a single food presents itself as a complete Astringent tasting food. Thus all the examples here do have some amount of Kashaaya Rasa in them enough to show its properties:
1] One of the best examples of Astringent is Tea leaves or Black tea. In many tribal areas in South East Asia they are the first weapon of choice to stop bleeding where first aid is not around.
2] Most of the bean including Lentils is normally astringent in flavour.
3] Vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage, and broccoli do have this taste too.
4] In spices Turmeric is a spice that is dominated by this taste, which explains the actions of wound healing and blood coagulation.

Benefits of Kashaaya Ras:
1] One of the important phenomena that is caused by this Rasa is that of constricting the mucous glands and all the secretion, which remains a blessing in itself.
2] Overall this Rasa decreases the Pitta dosha and also destroys all the bonds of increased Kapha dosha decreasing it too.
3] In Ayurveda this Taste is said to be Rakta shodak which means blood cleaner. It also can act as wound cleaner and healer.

Excessive Consumption:
1] Decrease secretion caused by this Rasa can bring dryness over all over the body which further leads to Vatta Imbalance.
2] Increase thirst, lose of weight, and even constipation due to decreased frequency of bowel moments
3] According to Ayurveda excess consumption of this Ras can be one of the cause of decreased sperm count in males. .
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