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10 Healthy LunchBox Ideas for your Kids

September brings a start of new school season here in North America. As for the kids its full of job and fun but ask the parents how hard it is.  The biggest question is back again in most of the parents from this month. What is in Lunch box? A lunch box which can be healthy and be eaten quickly is always loved but hard to bring that balance. I am sure many would agree on that topic. Here in this article I am trying to bring 10 simple ideas for an healthy lunch box for your kids.

Healthy Lunch Ideas

1] Fruits:
Fresh fruits are highly recommended and loved by kids. Add some local seasonal fresh fruits in the lunch box not only they are known to quench thirst due to high water but also provide valuable nourishment's to your growing kid. Add some honey or brown sugar or maple syrup on top of the fruits and see how well are they eaten.

2] Dried Fruits:
Dried fruits are handy snacks as I always say not just for kids but even for adults. They are full in sugar but natural thus safe. Each dried fruit have its own sweet bitter taste which makes them unique. Lastly each of them has their own health value. If combine all this why not use them as snacks for kids in lunch boxes. Try Dates, Apricots, Cranberries and other dried fruits and see.

3] Vegetables:
It might be easy to give your growing teenage daughter salads but real hard for your teenage son or even young kids any vegetables. Vegetables contain lots of minerals in them, for a growing kid they are as equivalent as meats. I have seen just boiled vegetables a lot in many lunch boxes. Kids hate that blends let me tell you. Stir fry them a little and it would make a big difference. If you like to give them boiled make sure you have some nice healthy dip to go with them.

4] Milk
Chocolate Milk is being loved by both the kids and so the mom’s too but is it healthy. A recent fact that even I was not aware of was that it contain high amount of corn syrup which I doubt to be healthy. For growing kids milk is essential and the question now is how to give it.
Why not take some time and add some spices like nutmeg, cardamom, saffron in some milk, mix it together and give that mixture with some brown sugar to your kids. Try it and the see the results.

5] Eggs:
A protein that is very easy to cook and handle to the kids. Boil it or poached it or make an omelette's each and every recipe would be loved by your kids. Eggs are full of protein and according to Ayurveda are full of prana or chi. Lunch box with eggs are one to be devoured the first ask a kid about that.

6] Meat {Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Beef}:
Processed meat is not that health for your kid and you know it .Why not just cook a small piece of chicken with some sauce or mustard. A fish like Tilapia which has mild flavour works really well for a lunch. Kids love colour and taste even if they do not know what the food sometimes if the colour and taste is appealing they are bound to eat it.

7] Wraps and Sandwhich:
Whatever things that are required to make a sandwich are the same component to make a wraps. Just instead of bread choose a pita or a tortellini wraps. This is another way that one can make a kid eat some green vegetables. Preferring Whole wheat bread would be good for health but not all the time. Try different varieties like Rye if you want too.

8] Beans:
Here is something that is very rarely seen in lunch boxes of North American kids. Pulses or Beans like chickpeas, kidney beans are very nourishes and tasty. Boil them add some spices and mix them with some tomatoes, onions, cilantro and a dash of lemon juice can make a marvellous meal for your kid.

9] Home Made Granola:
Oats since long time back are known for their nourishes value. Oats with dried fruits, honey make a very nice and tasty granola. Kids love them and they are very handy. Honey being a sugar which is natural and healthy and so is the dried fruits in the granola.

10] Popcorn:
They love them when they watch movie, they would love them even in lunch boxes. Popcorn made in a healthy way can be great option for lunch boxes. Avoid just bringing popcorn which is full of salt and cheese. Your kids do not need all those bad things. He needs some nice snacks simple like some popcorn with some spices.

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