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10 Healthy Eating Habits

10 Health Eating Habits

Remaining healthy not just about keeping your diet healthy. In Ayurveda one important part that is taken into consideration is the exact lifestyle of eating of food. How you eat the meal? When you eat? Such are some of the questions of our lifestyles which take big meaning when it comes to complete health. In today’s article I would point out 10 simple lifestyle changes that can make a difference.

1] Eat when you are Hungry:
This is the number one principle of eating food. Ask yourself if you are hungry and then decide to eat or not. We eat many times because of the time and not because for our body. Avoid that notion.

2] Eat Rested and Slowly
Make your meals a ritual as ancient would say and not some sort of part time activity. Take your time out and have your meals, avoid the rush and fuss of a meal. Make sure you enjoy each and every morsel of your food. Eat Slowly as said in this article here

3] Eat all different types of tastes:
In a meal it’s very important to eat all the 6 tastes Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Astringent and Spicy. Not just have all the 6 tastes but they should be in balance. Avoid eating one particular taste like sweet or spicy in excess in a meal.

4] Chew your Food properly:
The importance of eating each and every morsel of food properly is well known. My granny used to ask us kids to chew each and every morsel at least 20 times {20 teeth's during those days so 20 times}. Digestion starts in the mouth and thus chewing is very important for your health too.

5]  Eat 2/3 of your stomach :
In my other post Eat less Live Longer we spoke of a theory of making three parts of the stomach one for food, one for water and one for air. So make sure you eat so that some space is still in the stomach for the air to move.

6] Eat while you Eat and Play while you play:
One favorite past time of ours is to eat as we watch movie or read book or newspaper or even drive. It is very important for proper digestion of the food to eat without all those distraction. Eat and enjoy the food.

7] Start with Sweet:
Ayurveda recommends starting with something sweet. Know what are sweets according to Ayurveda in this article here . Slowly go around different tastes on your plate as you proceed. Sweet naturally is very heavy to digest and thus requires your stomach full attention. So eating sweets makes sense.

8] Control one’s Portion:
Visit some traditional kitchen and you may see different shapes and size of spoons. We use them to for different dishes accordingly. Then why do not we follow those portions. Eat your food by the portion size of the spoon used to serve it. Small spoons means eat less like pickles and other condiments and large spoon means eat more like salad holder.

9] Drink Water as you Eat:
The role of water is not just to quench your thirst but it is to make the food that you ate moist. One thus requires water not before or after the meals but right in the meal. Have sips of water as you eat morsels of food. { For those all newsletter readers you know the reason more in dept I suppose }

10] Walk After you Eat :
A small brisk slow walk around your own room or out in nature is most recommend to help digestion. As you walk notice the extra gas coming out, note the difference in you. A feeling of lethargy strikes after meal but such walks makes that feeling disappear and makes you fresher.

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