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Sweet Taste

“Madhur Rasa”

In today’s world sweet is a taste that is loved by many but do you thing that this taste also has any health advantages. In this article I am going to present the view of Ayurveda about Sweet Taste. First of all what is Sweet taste, how to know it and what are the health benefits and its drawbacks.

Sweet Taste

When a food makes the eater feel a little sticky inside the mouth once eaten, a sensation of wohh is attained then that group of food is known as Sweet Taste or Madhur Rasa”. Something that we have assumed in this generation about each and every taste that we have completely erased from our memory the basic reflex that each group of food makes in our mouth.  Ayurveda emphases on this simple know how which is thus taken to another level.

Food that is Sweet to taste according to Ayurveda:

Most of the carbohydrates like rice, wheat, corn, maize are said to be Sweet in taste. Different fishes, meats like lamb, chicken, and beef pork are said to dominate by sweet taste too. Majority of the fruits which are ripe are sweet taste like Mango, Banana, and Coconut.
Milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt, buttermilk and even ghee or clarified butter are sweet to taste.

Health Benefits of Sweet Taste:

1] This is only taste group that is good and healthy right from start of our life cycle since our birth till our death. Madhur Rasa which is the basic of mother’s milk basically nourishes the body during the early age of infancy.
2] Not only this taste nourishes the body it also rejuvenates the body.
3] Its a good taste to be eaten when one is fatigued or tired as this taste refreshed the whole system.
4] Consumption of this taste definitely is known to increase weight, but in a way increases stamina and strength overall.

Effects of Overindulgence of Madhur Rasa or Sweet Taste:

Luckily Ayurveda has also taken into account for the different health hazards because of excessive eating of Sweet Taste.

1] Obesity of Gain of weight is the first and foremost issue that one can face due to eating sweet taste food a lot.
2] Eating sweet in excess can also decreases appetite and over all the digestion in the long run.
3] Diabetes or high blood sugar, risk of tumours or different glands over functioning can also be seen due to over indulgence of sweet taste.

So the next time you are about to eat sweet food enjoy it thinking what benefits it can give to you. Yes do not forget its drawbacks too thus eating them in moderation.

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