Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smoking: New Reasons why to stop the Habit

Four years ago I was traveling in transit at the most famous Amsterdam airport. Known as one of the best airport in the world I was awe stuck with one such structure or a room which was situated right in the middle of the lounge. A glass chamber that was covered by all four side with glass and had some seats and some exhaust as this was a wonderfully design smoking chamber. Keeping smokers away from the non smokers and so the smoke too, a thing that was something I never saw before.

So now we are onto the part of keeping the smokers away from non smokers which means now slowly and steadily Governments are working towards preventing second hand smoke. In Canada too one could not smoke in restaurants and even in public space. A smoker always when told this hardly cares about this fact that smoke can be not only hazardous to themselves but even for others. For him those seconds of pleasure is all what he or she asks for in their life. Well here are two research works that I would like all smokers pay attention too. Two seconds of a smoke can actually do a lot of damage and that is all I have to say....

1] Second Hand Smoke:

Time Magazine recently published this article which caught my attention. Here is the link for the article named “Second hand Cigarette Smoke Changes your Gene”. Researchers always knew about the hazards of second smoke but never sure off but this research conducted by Dr Ronald Crystal at Weill Cornell Medical College documented the fact of changes happening in the genes of all non smokers exposed to cigarette smoke.
To lay a man what does that means is that may be not you as a non smoker but soon your offspring or their offspring might be at a high risk of different genetic diseases like Autism {I am just giving an example, no link of autism to smoke is yet found}

2]  Third Hand Smoke:

In another development here is a link of a research paper that speaks of the third hand smoke and how it affects our health,  and especially our toddlers and infants. Scientist at National Academy of Science speaks about the nicotine released in vapour format in the surrounding being stuck to clothes, walls and carpets for days or months. It is this Nicotine that reacts to form one tobacco-specific nitrosamines or TSNA’s.
TSNA's is one of the broadly acting potent carcinogens present in unburned tobacco and its smoke. If this comes to contact with small kids either by inhaling or dermal touch can create health issues.

If you are a smoker think twice before you go for a smoke. Yes we all know smoking habit is really hard to quit. But you may find many resources that are willing to help. Here is one such article How to Quit Smoking? Have a read and hope that might help keep the world smoke free. “Live and let live” can that be our motto.

Posted by Sudeep

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