Friday, August 6, 2010

Qualities of a Good Patient.

Does the quality of an individual helps a physician in treating and helping the person to cure from health conditions? The answer to this question is yes it really affects for sure. Long since 5000 years around Acharya Vagbhatt speaks in his book “Astanga Hridyam” certain qualities of patients that really help the working therapist or doctor to treat them. So this is not something new. Here are some of the qualities that as a patient a doctor would love to see...

1] Speaks Truth and only Truth {at least to his doctor}:
The one quality that most physician would love that most of their patient should have would be to speak truthfully. Yes plain and crystal clear truth is all that we ask for. Many times due to fear or God knows what reason many patient try to keep some important part of their issue untold to the doctor. This lack of information seriously troubles the prognosis of the condition in many cases.

2] Good Observer:
A treat for us physicians and therapist is when a patient tells us what he observes.  A patient who can exactly observe and note all the changes as the disease unfold really works to the benefit of the patient himself when it comes to treat a condition. Simple things like what starts first the sore throat or the cold may be some times very important to the Vaidya.

3] Trust:
In any relationship the one and only one important thing that really binds  is trust and so it remains true even in patient doctor relationship Trust plays a major role do you agree on that ? I need to trust my patient on all what he or she says to me. In the same way the patient need to trust me whole heartily otherwise then only he can risk speaking the truth and after all its all personal on what he or she may speak some times.

4] Follower:
Lastly a doctor would love that his patient does follows him or her religiously.  A good follower is one quality that really is must and is rare in most of the patients that is a fact. It is really hard to get those patients who just do exactly what the doctor speaks. Do eat this; do not eat this... do you think we all follow exactly what is said. I doubt it... but luckily I have seen some clients of who really follow word to word of what I say. It really helps me in helping them heal from their condition. Be a good follower if you go to your doctor and see the results.

So what other qualities that you thing might be good to be a good patient for a doctor? Do you think that there should be some qualities that one’s doctor should also have?  If so what should be those? Write them out in the comment section....

Posted by Sudeep

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