Monday, August 9, 2010

Jathara Parivartanasana

Spinal Twist

In today’s post we would see a great pose to work on our spinal tract. This asana as one can see really would be a great pose to work for all those who are in one posture either sitting or standing for extended hours.

This pose is known as “Jathar Parivartanasana” or Spinal Twist. The actual word “Jathar” means abdomen in Sanskrit while the word “Parivarta” comes from the word “Parivartti” meaning turning around. So in a true sense this is a pose to twist the abdomen in a way, in doing so twisting the spine thus the name Spinal Twist.

How to do Jathar Parivartanasana?

1] To start with lie down on the yoga mat on the back with both legs stretched and hands apart on the side pretty perpendicular to the whole body.
2] Inhale in and bend both the knee joint to bring the feet closer to the body and closer to each other. At this moment your thighs are closer to your abdomen, arms apart from the body and face looking upward.
3] Now slowly let the left foot come off the ground and start twisting both the knee joints towards the right side.
4] The twist would be in such a way that during the same time the head would move to the opposite side, knees are towards the right side while the neck is moved towards the left side.
5] Come back to the start and then repeat the pose on the opposite side.


For all those who suffer with spinal prolapsed or issues with spinal tract it would be advisable if this pose is perform under expert guidance.
Avoid this pose if you suffer with ulcerative colitis and bleeding abdomen ulcers.


1] As said before a great pose for all those who sit or stand for long time for their back.
2] Stretches the back and thus help in relieving minor backaches or even postural backaches.
3] A gentle squeeze to the spine and the abdomen can be felt in this pose.
4] Also stimulates the Vagus nerves

Chakra Benefit :

This asana stimulates the Anahat Chakra 

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