Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heart Burn

Home Remedies and Simple Lifestyle Changes

Last few days my nights have been longer and troublesome and I am well aware of the fact what the issue is. My irregular lifestyle, spicy diet,unusual sleeping pattern has taken a toll on my body causing a lot of heart burn or hyper-acidity or also known as Acidity in lay man. Around 42% of people in United States suffer with this sort of heartburn at some point is a well aware fact. Typically heart burn starts with indigestion and burning sensation in the throat region, some bile's juices coming either in form of vomit or even feeling of nausea. Instead of typically taking any over the counter medication I took some herbs and spices from the kitchen. Here is some of the list of herbs and lifestyle changes that I tried to adopt:


a] Indian Gooseberry {Phyllanthus emblica}
Ayurveda speaks a lot about this fruit called as Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry especially for its action on heart burn. Due to the sweet astringent taste of this fruit and its cooling action Amala decreases the increased Pita or bile. Ideally the best way to take this fruit is by mixing 1 tsp of dried powder of this fruit with 1 tsp of honey and then licking the mixture every 1 hourly till the heart burn decreases.

b] Liquorice:
As with amalaki so is true with the this ancient herb to Liquorice has been known to reduce heart burn in Ayurveda. Liquorice not just works on reducing the heart burn but some studies have shown that it actually reduces the extra bile formation in human subjects. Studies also confirm the fact that liquorice heals stomach ulcers a common feature with most people suffering with heart burn.

c] Buttermilk:
Freshly prepared buttermilk with proper churning action can be a real potent drink for every person who suffers with heart burn. One combination that is known to many people is to add some spices like cumin, fresh cilantro or coriander leaves and some ginger to buttermilk, some rock salt and mix it to drink with your meal. Freshly prepared buttermilk is usually sweet to taste rather than sour and which is exact one should look out for.

d] Other herbs and vegetables:
Other than the above mentioned cabbage, dill, mint, fennel seeds do require some mention in reducing and preventing heart burns. Cabbage especially is known to nourish the cell lining of esophagus thus protecting it with any further consequence of acidic bile juices.

Life style Changes:

a] Meal etiquette’s:
Regular hours of meals have lot to do with heart burn. Maintain those hours and one can see the difference.  Also worth noting is the fact that a sit down meal is also necessary ,does not be a 3 course but even a sandwich could be lot more enjoyed if eaten sitting on a desk without computers or phone going on. Ohh!! yes forgot it has to be eaten at the speed that normally humans eat.{Read why to eat slowly}

b] Keeping Stress at Bay:
Now it’s a well known fact that stress does affect our digestion and thus its very important that we keep the effects of stress to bare minimum on our body. Here are some of the ways to reduce stress.  Stress is a part of human’s life in the 21 century, one need to simply accept it and try to work with it and see the results.

c] Avoid too much of Alcohol:
Alcohol is seen as a mood booster by many and it has some worst effects on our body. Avoiding alcohol {any type} might be a good idea to reduce heart burns.

So the next if by any chance you suffered Heartburn refrain from those pills and just try some thing natural. Easy and Safe ...

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