Monday, August 23, 2010


  Monkey Pose

In today’s post I would be writing an interesting pose that is named after the Monkey God or King “Hanuman” for his achievement. “Hanuman” is known to leap from one part of land to another across the sea as it speaks in the famous epic Ramayana. The spilt of the legs for such leap is seen in this pose and thus the pose is named as “Hanumanasana” or Monkey Pose.

How to do this Hanumanasana ?

1] Start the pose in the way one starts the Chandrasana and proceed to the part where one’s hands are in front, one of the feet folded in the knee joint and in between both the palms. The other leg is kept straight in the back.
2] Slowly push forward the feet that is between both the palms so to stretch the leg completely. To do so one might need to push the torso a little lower to support that.
3] The leg that is behind simultaneously gets raised a little bit as one does pushes the forward leg.  
4] The hips could be now completely near the ground as much as possible, both the legs spilt and closer to the mat.
5] If you are comfortable one can bring both the palms together in Namaskar Pose and stay in that for 4 to 5 breath or as much as possible.

1] Not everyone can do this pose to the full extend so try not to push hard on yourself . Be careful as one stretches out.
2] All those who suffer with hamstring injuries and other muscular injuries of the groin, thighs should try to refrain from doing this pose.

1]  A good stretch for the hamstrings and the groin areas.
2] A good exercise for all those who are athletes especially those outdoor sports like tennis, cricket, basketball and running
3] Stimulates the abdominal organs in the long run.

Chakra Effect:
Anhaata Chakra or Heart Chakra is stimulated by this pose.

Posted by Sudeep

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