Friday, July 16, 2010

Treating Hemorrhoid's

5 Life style changes your doctor would not tell you !!

Cough, cold, heart burns are pretty common and well discussed conditions of our. But 75% of us do suffer with certain conditions which we prefer not to speak about, we do have pain, we do suffer but we hardly speak out. Haemorrhoid or piles are what I am referring to an ano-rectal condition which many of us do suffer.  An inflammation of those glands in your rectum which leads to either bleeding during defecation or pain or both is what happens. One may have many treatments to eradicate the issue but sometimes one need immediate remedy to reduce the pain during the attack, or prevent its recurrence. Here are few of the lifestyle changes that can help one achieve both goals. Give it a try if so and see..

1] Eat food with fiber:
For all those  who suffer with any type of anorectal conditions the first and foremost thing to understand is to have a  very good bowel moment every day. For that one need to have food with fiber in day to day diet. Flax seeds, bran, whole wheat, quinoa, millet are good choice on those lines. Try to avoid white flour and other products made from it.

2] Sitz Bath a Day :
One does suffer with lot of pain making a person to pop lot of pain killers. One of the best suggested and worked lifestyle change that one can adopt is to have Sitz Bath. Here one need to take a tub full of water may be add some turmeric {from Ayurvedic perspective} and just sit in with your buttocks soaked in. Try opening and closing of the rectal muscles when sitting in that bath. The medicated water not just cleans the outer rectal area but also decreases the throbbing pain to a lot extent.

3] Increase your Appetite:
According to the ancient science of Ayurveda one of the basic way to treat and keep this condition in control is by trying to increase appetite and digestion. A healthy appetite and digestion would lead to healthy bowel moments thus preventing the trouble with hemorrhoids. Ginger either fresh or dry in one’s diet can help you do that. Try that...

4] Do not hold your Bowel or Farts:
Ayurveda speaks in depth about holding one urges especially like bowel and farts. Yes we do many times, we feel that we have to go to loo but just hold it because of other work. This definitely matters when one suffer with ano rectal conditions like haemorrhoid. The holding of such urges do increase the pain and thus it is important that we let them go when the urge arrives.

5] Avoid too much of Stool softener or Laxative:
My practice has brought in front of me a fact that I really fear in the long run. Many people if having some constipation do have a habit of having stool softener or laxative. Although it remains just a one tsp affair, but slowly by time this nature turns in to a habit. And then if you start suffering with piles you are in real need of that stool softener. Unluckily being a habit you hardly get any result from them.
Another noticeable factor is the over use of this softener and laxative defiantly reacts with the anatomy of the rectal muscles in the long run causing different complications like prolapsed which no one wants to suffer with.
Why to use those softeners and laxative, give some of the natural remedies to work .Here is a nice post on that.

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