Monday, July 5, 2010


In today’s article we would see one of the favourite pose to do when I am angry or stressed. This pose is defiantly suggested in normal routine yoga sequence. But try doing this pose when one finds them self angry and see the results.

Lion Pose

The name of the pose is basically because of the emotion and the expression that arises when one does this pose. Lion or "Simha" in Sanskrit and thus the name “Simhasana” or Lion’s pose.

How to do Simhasana ?

1] Sit down on mat with both the legs stretched in the front. Chest forward , back straight, eyes looking straight in front of you.
2] Follow the way one do Vajrasana and then sit in that position.
3] Both the palms should be placed on respective knees in front. Back should be straight and eyes gazing in front.
4] Inhale in and take a deep breath through the nostril and then exhale out the air with force from mouth in such a way that one protrude the tongue out. The tongue should be stretched as much as possible. Simultaneously one needs to open the eyes as wide as possible.
5] The whole expression should be like a roar of a Lion with loud noise created due to the exhalation like “ha”.
6] Relax and come back in the pose one start with a deep breath in.
7] One can practice this pose couple of times in one sitting.


Many people feel a little weird bringing the tongue out in a class. It is always good to practise this pose in front of a mirror.


1] One of the first and foremost benefit of this pose is to relax stress.
2] This pose also helps to stretched and works out all the muscles of the face.
3] A good asana for fatigue eyes.
4] For all singers and people who speak a lot this asana is a great work out for one’s vocal cord.

A pose good for Vishudha chakra or Throat chakra and Ajna Chakra.

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