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Rye: Health Benefits

The blame has always been on carbohydrate when it comes to Obesity and other related conditions. It seems like most of the carbohydrates are made to kill us.But in fact many carbs present since the old days are known to work in opposite way. In our search for ancient grain today we bring forward an article on benefits of yet another health Carbohydrate.

Rye: Introduction
One of the grain present since the old testament Rye has been known to human being long before that. Rye used to grow in the wild plains of Turkey and neighboring countries. The first cultivation of this grain is known to be taken in Germany.

This grain from the olden days is known for its high fibre contain. Rye contain high amount of manganese, tryptophan, phosphorus, magnesium. It also contains lignan phytonutrients.

Being a very good source of fiber this grain remains very ideal for Obesity. The fibers in rye are known to be richly endowed with non cellulose polysaccharides. Due to the presence of this fiber which has high water binding capacity one can easily feel fullness and satiety when eaten. Thus can be ideal for all those who wants to lose weight.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that bread made from triggers a greater insulin response than rye. It is very clear that rye bread would be great choice for all those who suffer with diabetes.

High Cholesterol:
Rye bread has also shown great result in reducing LDL cholesterol levels in human being. A study conducted in a group of people showed amazing result in reducing LDL cholesterol in just 4 weeks.

Women Health:
Rye contains insoluble fiber which is said to decrease gallstones in women according to a study published in the American journal of Gastro-enterology.
Rye seeds are known to increase blood circulation. This fact remains very useful to treat hot f lashes as it has shown to decrease them and decrease heat sensation.

Other Health Benefits:
Since olden days rye has been also used to remove different toxins and poison from stomach and intestinal impurities.

Rye do contain high amount of gluten thus all those individual who are gluten intolerant should avoid this grain.

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