Friday, July 30, 2010

A Peek in the Past

When one write every 3 posts every week it is important some times to stop by and have a look back. See how is the progress, look what readers enjoy and what are they looking for. And lastly it’s also good to thanks all my special readers who really love reading, not just that love commenting and tweeting to others.

Here is some data for the last year of work

Post that got the highest clicks : Swine Flu Preventing with help of Ayurveda
Post with highest re-tweet: 9 Marriage tips that Learn from my Parents
Post with Highest Comments:  Fructose : Scary facts
Post that I  personally love writing :  Ice cold water : Some thoughts
Master Commenter of e-swastya : Ralph Carlson

Commenting is something that always encourage me to write more and also guide me what I need to write. Ralph has been one such commenter who really pushes me with each and every topic. Thanks a lot Ralph for that extra push in your comments. Here is a link for his blog that he writes every single day.
I am sure you all read e-swastya regularly ,I really appreciate that but understand my point if people like Ralph can comment and write what they think freely why do you fear. Speak it out loud what you felt. I moderate those so do not worry.

e-swastya and Newsletter

When to drink water at meal time , before or after or with meal? Do you know that answer, would you like to know it? Well many of my newsletter reader already know it. Do not feel left out just sign the column above with your email id and receive e-swastya newsletter every month with some fascinating information. No junk mails, no spam simple and pure extra know how about your health.

e-swastya and Facebook

Facebook popularity has been growing and many of you would be having facebook accounts. e-swastya recently started one such account in order to bring all the readers to interact  with each other and share thoughts. Here is the link for e-swastya face book account. Login in your face book account first and then visit this link , and then do not forget to click the iLike button on the top.
Ohh !!  How about contributing a little in this community. Be a part of this group actively.

That’s all for today’s post, hope so to hear more from all readers including those who get this post in their email box. Looking forward for more comments.

Posted by Sudeep
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