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Oil Pulling

Concept of "Kaval Dharna" and "Gandush"
The science of Ayurveda remains true even in this 21 century and that could be known by all the different life style changes that it has suggested 5000 years ago. The whole concept of preventative medicine which remain a very new chapter in modern medicine is very well touched in this ancient system of medicine. In today's article we speak about one such simple lifestyle change that can prove helpful. Simple and qucik make it a habit and see the benefits.

Oil Pulling or Kavala Dharna

  The technique of Oil Pulling is mentioned in all the three major ancient book of Ayurveda. Mentioned in Sanskrit as "Kavala Dharna", Oil pulling is basically a simple method where one needs to sip some oil and swish it through the oral cavity for some times before throwing it out. Another simple diversion of this method is called as "Gandsuh" where one holds the oil in the mouth  for some time before throwing it out.In both the methods one does not swallow the oil at all ,so no fears on that lines.

When to do Oil Pulling:

 The best time to do Oil pulling is in the morning after one brush the teeth before breakfast. One can of course do the procedure any time of the day, but morning would be the best time. Another time that is suggested would late before going to bed.

How to do Oil Pulling or Kavala:

1] Just take around 10 ml of Sesame seed oil and take it in your mouth.
2] Slowly start swishing it through your oral cavity. Try to swish it from all and every single area of the mouth and teeth. Take your time, no hurry. It is said that one need to do oil pulling at least for 2 to 3 minutes.
3] Spit it out after that time and then wash your mouth with warm water. One may see that the oil that you throw out has completely turned into a whitish liquid instead of that what it was before this procedure.

What else can one use for Oil pulling?

Ayurvedic Vaidya or Practitioner can also suggest different herbal decoctions and juices of herbs instead of Oil in this procedure. It all depends according to the condition of the person.


  • Keeping your Oral Cavity Healthy remains the first and foremost goal of Oil pulling. No more nasty toothaches any more...
  • According to Acharya Charak "Oil Pulling also decrease the dryness in the mouth and also cleans the tongue".
  • Recent studies published from Universities of India have confirmed that Oil pulling remains very effective for issues like Gingivitis and also for keeping the Dental Plague in control.
  • Another study recommends Oil pulling as a good anti Bacterial for the oral cavity.
  • In Ayurveda Oil pulling has been known helpful for many reason including oral health and Hygiene. But with that it has been known to keep the skin of the face very healthy. Reference of benefits of Oil pulling to keep good vision has been noted in Ayurvedic Text.
  • If you are a person who sings or has to speak a lot Oil pulling remains a great way to keep you vocal cord healthy.
  • So are some the reference where oil pulling has been helpful even for hairs of your head.

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