Monday, July 26, 2010


Crocodile Pose

Today’s post we would have a look on a nice simple relaxing yogic pose that is known to help relax and de-stress a person. Let us see how to do “Makarasana” or Crocodile Pose. The word “Makar” means Crocodile in Sanskrit and thus the name of the pose as “Makarasana”. One takes the shape of a crocodile while in resting and thus the name of the pose.

How to do Makarasana?

1] Lie down on your abdomen on the mat with both the legs kept straight , hands on the side of the body without touching the body and the your chin touching the floor, so that your face is looking in front.
2] Now bring your arms forward and fold them in front in such way that one can rest the forehead and the face on them and relax your head.
3] Inhale in and then open both the legs a little bit so that they are around one foot or more from each other. Heels inside and toes outside and relax them.
4] Inhale in and out slow and steady so that the whole body can be relaxed. Inhale in as deep as one can and feel the air moving in the body relaxing it.
5] Enjoy this pose for at least 2 to 5 minutes.

1] It is a relaxing pose so stop thinking and worrying about day to day life and enjoy the pose.
2] Relax is the key word for this pose.

1] Being a relaxation pose this pose is excellent to help one relax and be calm.
2] Try this pose after a tedious yoga session or Pilate's or Cardio session and see how one can really relax in this pose.

Beneficial for all the Chakra in General

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