Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today I bring to you yet another Guest Post written by Marina Chernyak.She is the co-owner of 1001Shops LLC, a one stop shop of unique imported products like Walking canes, Music boxes and many more. She hails from Farmington Hills , Michigan and enjoys learning about Yoga and natural remedies. I hope you enjoy her thoughts...

          Living a life of mediocrity is a safe and comfortable haven.  It is not a big surprise if most people just content themselves with this quality of existence as it is stable and risk free.  As secure as you are in this cocoon, there are times when you wonder what it is like to be out there, to be really living life to the fullest. Here are some ways on how to do it.
  • Explore the world outside of yours.  Traveling to new places opens new doors for you.  Interact with the locals and study their culture.  You will gain new insights and experiences that in the process that would make you realize that the world has a lot to offer.
  • Find a new job.  How many times have you told yourself that someone of your calibre deserves a higher salary or a more challenging work?  How many times have you considered quitting and look for a more satisfying job?  If your answer to both questions is “a million times”, then what you waiting for?  Look for a company that challenges your brain cells and is generous to the pocket.  Don’t stay in your current job just because you’re too scared or lazy to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Try something new.  How else can you find your niche if you don’t venture out to new heights? Dare to plunge into activities you’ve never done before.  You might end up amazed with how well things turn out.
  • Don’t settle for Mr. or Ms. Maybe.  If you’re second guessing your feelings for your partner for a long time now, then maybe it’s time to end the relationship.  Sometimes you get stuck with someone because of the long period of time you’ve been together and you’ve reached a certain point where you are both at ease with each other.  Being comfortable and stable are not the “be all” in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to let go when you are no longer happy and satisfied.  Being single isn’t a bad or lonely set up.  It’s an opportunity to find yourself and be open to Mr. or Ms. Right.
  • Move out.  Living with your parents is a great way to save money.  Free food, free rent, free electricity, free water and free cable. Imagine how comfortable your life is when you get home from work and dinner is waiting for you on the table. You don’t have to wash the dishes or do your laundry. At some point, you will have to let go of these comforts.  As you grow older, you have to be more independent and rely on yourself.  It’s not going to be easy at first with all the bills you have to pay every month.  As you go along, you will learn to do the budgeting, cooking your own food and taking care of yourself.  You’ll be surprised how satisfying it is to be self-reliant.
  • Take a leap of faith.  Most people live a life created by other people.  They act in accordance to the satisfaction of their parents or other people close to them.  If you’re also like them, dare to be yourself.  Live your life the way you want it.  After all, it’s your life and you owe it to yourself to be happy and to live to the fullest.  Don’t wait too long to pursue your happiness.
Yes, it is scary and uncertain to be out there and face the world.  Remember, life is short, if you won’t do it now, when?

Posted by Sudeep

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