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Since ancient time’s bloodletting has been an important part of curing different health conditions. In Ayurveda bloodletting is not just a treatment but has a very special place. Blood in Sanskrit means "Rakata" and "mokashan" means to remove , to let, thus the word for bloodletting as "Raktamokshan" .According to Acharya Sushruta the author of Sushruta Samhita blood is regarded as equal to the tridoshas and thus sometimes called as the fourth dosha. Hence in Sushruta Sahmita bloodletting remains an important treatment and is seen as one of the five Panchakarama.

Bloodletting in Ayurveda is classified in two different ways ,one that is generalised bloodletting and the other localized bloodletting. When one suffers with generalized health condition blood taken from a major vein like in regular blood donation is said to be generalized bloodletting.In localized blood letting it is when certain part of the body is only affected and thus need localized care, here the use of leeches and conch {cupping style} and even ox horn are used to achieve bloodletting.

Health conditions that involve blood impurities are said to be treated with bloodletting. Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis have shown good result with generalized bloodletting, while unhealed ulcerate wounds, abscess shows good result when leeches and other localized bloodletting methods are used.

Bloodletting can also be done for healthy just for the benefit of health and thus has been noted as one of the Panchakarma. Now we know that when one gives a pint of blood in Red blood corpuscles grow twice the amount that are taken away in donation. This actually builds our health and immune system in the long run.

Ayurveda speaks of Pitta dosha imbalance and blood and thus certain seasons and health issues which are known to be caused due to pitta imbalance an ayurvedic vaidya may suggest such bloodletting. Autumn is a season where pitta imbalance can be troublesome for certain individuals and thus it is always recommended to have bloodletting done during this time now.

So today I would love to ask all those who are healthy and those who can donate blood to go out to the local blood donation clinic or blood banks and arrange a blood donation.This is not just to save life but also to have a nice detox in a way. 
For those staying in Canada here is the website and for those in United States

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