Monday, July 12, 2010

Akarana Dhanurasana

If you been practicing yoga for a while some stretches and asanas though seems difficult turns out very easy to do. One such pose is today’s pose what we are going to read. It might be little difficult for all those who are not practicing yoga daily. But not impossible...

Shooting Bow Pose

In yoga we have seen that certain poses are named referring to a pose taken by an individual while doing some action in day to day life. Today’s pose is named as Shooting bow pose due to the same reason. One can see that the body forms the shape in a virtual sense like one is ready to shoot a bow at some one. The name pose in Sanskrit is  “Akarna Dhanurasa” where the word “Dhanur” means bow, while “karna” means ear and the prefix “a” means near. One forms a pose to shoot an arrow while bringing it near to the ear as in this poses.

How to do Shooting Bow Pose?

1] Sit in a comfortable position on the mat. Both the legs lay in front straight, the spine erect, eyes looking straight and arms on the side. A pose to start in many sitting poses.
2] Bend the left leg and keep the left foot on the right thigh.
3] Now holds the right toe with right hand while the left toe with the left hand. The right leg being straight one has to reach it with a slight push or bend
4] Now inhale in and as you exhale lift the left toe with the left hand so as to bring the left toe near to the left ear.
5] Hold that pose in that position for a while and keep on taking normal breath during that time.
6] Keep the eyes fixed looking straight in front of you.

1] Make sure one does not bend or lift the leg which is kept on the mat straight. It is very important to keep the pose in that way.
2] Do not move the head when you are in the pose. Keep the eyes fixed in front
3] Those who suffer with spinal injuries should either not do this pose or do with your instructor or yoga teacher.

1] One can see increase flexibility in the legs and the hips
2] One also increase in attention and focus due to the way one keep the eyes focused.
3] This pose stretches the back and also strengthens it.

This pose stimulated the Svadistnana Chakra

Posted by Sudeep

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