Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 Steps for a Well Rested Sleep Tonight!

Is sleep something really hard for you to enjoy? Well no one is alone that is for sure. It is said that 64 million American do suffer with insomnia every year & to quote further this figure is going up every year.  Hundreds and thousand dollars are being spent every year on sleeping pills and eye shades and products which are promoted to help one sleep well. Whatever may be the reason here are some simple remedies and life style changes that can boost you to sleep well tonight.

1] Eat Less and Eat Early:
A golden rule that is ritual in some religions makes totally sense when it comes to having a good sleep. Make sure one eats the dinner as early as possible and as light as possible. Ayurveda advocates a meal which is light and easy to digest. What we do is exactly opposite we eat late at night and probably we eat stuff which are fatty and oily and thus hard to digest. Eating early only makes it easy to digest the food before going to bed and thus helps to relax one before bed time.

2] Have a Nice Massage:
Another recommendation from the old books of Ayurveda is to have a simple massage with sesame seed oil. Known as “Abyanga” in Sanskrit this remains a very simple method to make your body relax and de-stress. A method that can help one not just to relax the physical body but also you mental body which remains a trouble for many who suffer with insomnia. Apply sesame seed oil with some aromatic oil to enhance the effect a little. Some old folks love to massage just their feet which do give the same result too.  Read more about this method and its use in the article here.

3] Take a Warm Bath:
Even a nice bath can make a small baby go to bed in minutes as it is well known to many Indian mothers. Such is the importance of bath for humans. Although it can be refreshing as said in Ayurveda still if taken in the late evening one can see the calming result of bath. Have a nice bath or a shower just before going to bed and see the result tonight.

4] Hear some Music:
Music has its own power to work on your body and mind. Classical music like Bach Mozart do still have the power to calm the mind and relax. Indian classical music speaks of many ragas that work magic to sleep. Ragas like “Darbari Kanhari” or “Gunji Kannada” or “Malkauns” are well known to calm the mind and help one sleep. Tonight have some music playing near your bed and see how well you sleep.

{Caution: As music cools your mind can also alleviate it so beware what you choose}

5] Don’t forget your kitchen Spices:
Some simple kitchen herbs and spice can make a huge difference how you sleep tonight. Have a small pinch of nutmeg with honey tonight and see how good you sleep. A glass of milk is another thing that is well known to be taken before bed. A glass of warm milk with some cardamom and nutmeg can bring a nice sleep. National Institute of Mental Research speaks very highly of milk as it contains tryptophan an amino acid that increase the serotonin in the brain which helps one to relax. Try it tonight and see the result.

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