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A Peek in the Past

When one write every 3 posts every week it is important some times to stop by and have a look back. See how is the progress, look what readers enjoy and what are they looking for. And lastly it’s also good to thanks all my special readers who really love reading, not just that love commenting and tweeting to others.

Here is some data for the last year of work

Post that got the highest clicks : Swine Flu Preventing with help of Ayurveda
Post with highest re-tweet: 9 Marriage tips that Learn from my Parents
Post with Highest Comments:  Fructose : Scary facts
Post that I  personally love writing :  Ice cold water : Some thoughts
Master Commenter of e-swastya : Ralph Carlson

Commenting is something that always encourage me to write more and also guide me what I need to write. Ralph has been one such commenter who really pushes me with each and every topic. Thanks a lot Ralph for that extra push in your comments. Here is a link for his blog that he writes every single day.
I am sure you all read e-swastya regularly ,I really appreciate that but understand my point if people like Ralph can comment and write what they think freely why do you fear. Speak it out loud what you felt. I moderate those so do not worry.

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That’s all for today’s post, hope so to hear more from all readers including those who get this post in their email box. Looking forward for more comments.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Since ancient time’s bloodletting has been an important part of curing different health conditions. In Ayurveda bloodletting is not just a treatment but has a very special place. Blood in Sanskrit means "Rakata" and "mokashan" means to remove , to let, thus the word for bloodletting as "Raktamokshan" .According to Acharya Sushruta the author of Sushruta Samhita blood is regarded as equal to the tridoshas and thus sometimes called as the fourth dosha. Hence in Sushruta Sahmita bloodletting remains an important treatment and is seen as one of the five Panchakarama.

Bloodletting in Ayurveda is classified in two different ways ,one that is generalised bloodletting and the other localized bloodletting. When one suffers with generalized health condition blood taken from a major vein like in regular blood donation is said to be generalized bloodletting.In localized blood letting it is when certain part of the body is only affected and thus need localized care, here the use of leeches and conch {cupping style} and even ox horn are used to achieve bloodletting.

Health conditions that involve blood impurities are said to be treated with bloodletting. Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis have shown good result with generalized bloodletting, while unhealed ulcerate wounds, abscess shows good result when leeches and other localized bloodletting methods are used.

Bloodletting can also be done for healthy just for the benefit of health and thus has been noted as one of the Panchakarma. Now we know that when one gives a pint of blood in Red blood corpuscles grow twice the amount that are taken away in donation. This actually builds our health and immune system in the long run.

Ayurveda speaks of Pitta dosha imbalance and blood and thus certain seasons and health issues which are known to be caused due to pitta imbalance an ayurvedic vaidya may suggest such bloodletting. Autumn is a season where pitta imbalance can be troublesome for certain individuals and thus it is always recommended to have bloodletting done during this time now.

So today I would love to ask all those who are healthy and those who can donate blood to go out to the local blood donation clinic or blood banks and arrange a blood donation.This is not just to save life but also to have a nice detox in a way. 
For those staying in Canada here is the website and for those in United States

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Monday, July 26, 2010


Crocodile Pose

Today’s post we would have a look on a nice simple relaxing yogic pose that is known to help relax and de-stress a person. Let us see how to do “Makarasana” or Crocodile Pose. The word “Makar” means Crocodile in Sanskrit and thus the name of the pose as “Makarasana”. One takes the shape of a crocodile while in resting and thus the name of the pose.

How to do Makarasana?

1] Lie down on your abdomen on the mat with both the legs kept straight , hands on the side of the body without touching the body and the your chin touching the floor, so that your face is looking in front.
2] Now bring your arms forward and fold them in front in such way that one can rest the forehead and the face on them and relax your head.
3] Inhale in and then open both the legs a little bit so that they are around one foot or more from each other. Heels inside and toes outside and relax them.
4] Inhale in and out slow and steady so that the whole body can be relaxed. Inhale in as deep as one can and feel the air moving in the body relaxing it.
5] Enjoy this pose for at least 2 to 5 minutes.

1] It is a relaxing pose so stop thinking and worrying about day to day life and enjoy the pose.
2] Relax is the key word for this pose.

1] Being a relaxation pose this pose is excellent to help one relax and be calm.
2] Try this pose after a tedious yoga session or Pilate's or Cardio session and see how one can really relax in this pose.

Beneficial for all the Chakra in General

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Late Breaking News for Coffee Drinkers

“Bethany North brings to all of you today yet another interesting post on few more benefits of drinking Coffee. Readers so go have a cup of coffee and start reading this post.”

CBS news has recently confirmed that coffee has more health benefits than ever anticipated. This is fantastic news for everyone sitting in the long drive-thru line at Starbucks since your daily cup of Joe could provide even more continuing protection than you ever expected!

1] Reduced Risk for Oral and Neck Cancer
The very latest research surrounding coffee drinking is a significant reduction in the risk for neck and oral cancer when drinking up to 4 cups of coffee each day. This risk will be decreased by 39% as a result.

2] Antioxidants in Caffeine
For anyone out there that has heard rumors about caffeine being bad for you, the latest research has shown that the positive benefits of drinking caffeine could outweigh any negative effects. Caffeine within the diet will reduce the risk of heart disease since there are antioxidants in many caffeinated beverages, like coffee, black tea, and green tea. These antioxidants are called flavenoids, and they significantly reduce the risk for damage to the body, including the development of heart disease.

3] Health Benefits for Women
For all of the women out there who have a coffee habit, simply drinking two and a half cups of coffee each day will lower your risk for uterine cancer. This provides a great protection even in women who are obese and at a higher risk for the disease.

4] Health Benefits for Men
Caffeine also provides positive benefits for men who consume six or more cups of Joe each day, seeing their risk for prostate cancer reduced by 60%.

5] Enjoy Coffee in Moderation
Although these amounts of coffee consumed may seem excessive, Dr. Jennifer Ashton of CBS News confirms that coffee should be enjoyed in moderation. Drinking caffeine excessively can cause side effects, such as anxiety, jitteriness, and insomnia. However, regularly including caffeine within your diet will reduce the risk of type II diabetes by up to 7%.
The results don't lie! Now is the time to drink coffee without any guilt or fear of reprimand since medical professionals have confirmed how good your daily cup of Joe actually is for you.

For a great selection of the Bunn home coffee maker,check out Bethany North's website, The Coffee Bump.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 Steps for a Well Rested Sleep Tonight!

Is sleep something really hard for you to enjoy? Well no one is alone that is for sure. It is said that 64 million American do suffer with insomnia every year & to quote further this figure is going up every year.  Hundreds and thousand dollars are being spent every year on sleeping pills and eye shades and products which are promoted to help one sleep well. Whatever may be the reason here are some simple remedies and life style changes that can boost you to sleep well tonight.

1] Eat Less and Eat Early:
A golden rule that is ritual in some religions makes totally sense when it comes to having a good sleep. Make sure one eats the dinner as early as possible and as light as possible. Ayurveda advocates a meal which is light and easy to digest. What we do is exactly opposite we eat late at night and probably we eat stuff which are fatty and oily and thus hard to digest. Eating early only makes it easy to digest the food before going to bed and thus helps to relax one before bed time.

2] Have a Nice Massage:
Another recommendation from the old books of Ayurveda is to have a simple massage with sesame seed oil. Known as “Abyanga” in Sanskrit this remains a very simple method to make your body relax and de-stress. A method that can help one not just to relax the physical body but also you mental body which remains a trouble for many who suffer with insomnia. Apply sesame seed oil with some aromatic oil to enhance the effect a little. Some old folks love to massage just their feet which do give the same result too.  Read more about this method and its use in the article here.

3] Take a Warm Bath:
Even a nice bath can make a small baby go to bed in minutes as it is well known to many Indian mothers. Such is the importance of bath for humans. Although it can be refreshing as said in Ayurveda still if taken in the late evening one can see the calming result of bath. Have a nice bath or a shower just before going to bed and see the result tonight.

4] Hear some Music:
Music has its own power to work on your body and mind. Classical music like Bach Mozart do still have the power to calm the mind and relax. Indian classical music speaks of many ragas that work magic to sleep. Ragas like “Darbari Kanhari” or “Gunji Kannada” or “Malkauns” are well known to calm the mind and help one sleep. Tonight have some music playing near your bed and see how well you sleep.

{Caution: As music cools your mind can also alleviate it so beware what you choose}

5] Don’t forget your kitchen Spices:
Some simple kitchen herbs and spice can make a huge difference how you sleep tonight. Have a small pinch of nutmeg with honey tonight and see how good you sleep. A glass of milk is another thing that is well known to be taken before bed. A glass of warm milk with some cardamom and nutmeg can bring a nice sleep. National Institute of Mental Research speaks very highly of milk as it contains tryptophan an amino acid that increase the serotonin in the brain which helps one to relax. Try it tonight and see the result.

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Monday, July 19, 2010


The Crane Pose

In today’s post we would have a look at one interesting pose called as Bakasana or The Crane Pose. This pose is known because of the position that one take when actually doing the pose resembles the way a crane stands in water. The word “Bakka” means Crane in Sanskrit and thus the name of the pose “Bakasana”.

How to do Bakasana?

1] Start the pose in Tadasana pose,stand straight and erect. Keep both the feet together as one always keeps in this pose.
2] Slowly come in to squatting position. Keep both your palms in front of the respective legs. For that one might need to bring the upper torso forward a little.  One may need to separate the knees wider than the hips.
3]  Now place the hands on the floor and bend the elbows so as to make sure the whole forearms is on the floor to start with the lift.
4] Slowly lift the feet and lean more forward taking more weight on the torso.
5] Now exhale out and lean forward so that your feet would leave the floor in way that the legs and torso are balanced on the upper arms.
6] If in advance stage one might want to make the elbows a little straight. The eyes should be looking down, but again in advance stages one can make them look straight in front.
7] Stay in that pose for at least couple of breath and then slowly come down to relax.


1] Pregnant and those women who are in menstrual cycle should avoid doing this pose.
2] Also those who suffer with injuries to wrist or the arms like carpel tunnel syndrome should avoid doing this pose.
3] It is very important in this asana to keep your mind and the eyes focused.


1] A good pose to strengthen   the arms and the wrists.
2] Give strength and tones the abdominal muscles.

A pose that is really good for Ajna Chakra or the Third eye.

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Poses that might be done before or after this asana


Friday, July 16, 2010

Treating Hemorrhoid's

5 Life style changes your doctor would not tell you !!

Cough, cold, heart burns are pretty common and well discussed conditions of our. But 75% of us do suffer with certain conditions which we prefer not to speak about, we do have pain, we do suffer but we hardly speak out. Haemorrhoid or piles are what I am referring to an ano-rectal condition which many of us do suffer.  An inflammation of those glands in your rectum which leads to either bleeding during defecation or pain or both is what happens. One may have many treatments to eradicate the issue but sometimes one need immediate remedy to reduce the pain during the attack, or prevent its recurrence. Here are few of the lifestyle changes that can help one achieve both goals. Give it a try if so and see..

1] Eat food with fiber:
For all those  who suffer with any type of anorectal conditions the first and foremost thing to understand is to have a  very good bowel moment every day. For that one need to have food with fiber in day to day diet. Flax seeds, bran, whole wheat, quinoa, millet are good choice on those lines. Try to avoid white flour and other products made from it.

2] Sitz Bath a Day :
One does suffer with lot of pain making a person to pop lot of pain killers. One of the best suggested and worked lifestyle change that one can adopt is to have Sitz Bath. Here one need to take a tub full of water may be add some turmeric {from Ayurvedic perspective} and just sit in with your buttocks soaked in. Try opening and closing of the rectal muscles when sitting in that bath. The medicated water not just cleans the outer rectal area but also decreases the throbbing pain to a lot extent.

3] Increase your Appetite:
According to the ancient science of Ayurveda one of the basic way to treat and keep this condition in control is by trying to increase appetite and digestion. A healthy appetite and digestion would lead to healthy bowel moments thus preventing the trouble with hemorrhoids. Ginger either fresh or dry in one’s diet can help you do that. Try that...

4] Do not hold your Bowel or Farts:
Ayurveda speaks in depth about holding one urges especially like bowel and farts. Yes we do many times, we feel that we have to go to loo but just hold it because of other work. This definitely matters when one suffer with ano rectal conditions like haemorrhoid. The holding of such urges do increase the pain and thus it is important that we let them go when the urge arrives.

5] Avoid too much of Stool softener or Laxative:
My practice has brought in front of me a fact that I really fear in the long run. Many people if having some constipation do have a habit of having stool softener or laxative. Although it remains just a one tsp affair, but slowly by time this nature turns in to a habit. And then if you start suffering with piles you are in real need of that stool softener. Unluckily being a habit you hardly get any result from them.
Another noticeable factor is the over use of this softener and laxative defiantly reacts with the anatomy of the rectal muscles in the long run causing different complications like prolapsed which no one wants to suffer with.
Why to use those softeners and laxative, give some of the natural remedies to work .Here is a nice post on that.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today I bring to you yet another Guest Post written by Marina Chernyak.She is the co-owner of 1001Shops LLC, a one stop shop of unique imported products like Walking canes, Music boxes and many more. She hails from Farmington Hills , Michigan and enjoys learning about Yoga and natural remedies. I hope you enjoy her thoughts...

          Living a life of mediocrity is a safe and comfortable haven.  It is not a big surprise if most people just content themselves with this quality of existence as it is stable and risk free.  As secure as you are in this cocoon, there are times when you wonder what it is like to be out there, to be really living life to the fullest. Here are some ways on how to do it.
  • Explore the world outside of yours.  Traveling to new places opens new doors for you.  Interact with the locals and study their culture.  You will gain new insights and experiences that in the process that would make you realize that the world has a lot to offer.
  • Find a new job.  How many times have you told yourself that someone of your calibre deserves a higher salary or a more challenging work?  How many times have you considered quitting and look for a more satisfying job?  If your answer to both questions is “a million times”, then what you waiting for?  Look for a company that challenges your brain cells and is generous to the pocket.  Don’t stay in your current job just because you’re too scared or lazy to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Try something new.  How else can you find your niche if you don’t venture out to new heights? Dare to plunge into activities you’ve never done before.  You might end up amazed with how well things turn out.
  • Don’t settle for Mr. or Ms. Maybe.  If you’re second guessing your feelings for your partner for a long time now, then maybe it’s time to end the relationship.  Sometimes you get stuck with someone because of the long period of time you’ve been together and you’ve reached a certain point where you are both at ease with each other.  Being comfortable and stable are not the “be all” in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to let go when you are no longer happy and satisfied.  Being single isn’t a bad or lonely set up.  It’s an opportunity to find yourself and be open to Mr. or Ms. Right.
  • Move out.  Living with your parents is a great way to save money.  Free food, free rent, free electricity, free water and free cable. Imagine how comfortable your life is when you get home from work and dinner is waiting for you on the table. You don’t have to wash the dishes or do your laundry. At some point, you will have to let go of these comforts.  As you grow older, you have to be more independent and rely on yourself.  It’s not going to be easy at first with all the bills you have to pay every month.  As you go along, you will learn to do the budgeting, cooking your own food and taking care of yourself.  You’ll be surprised how satisfying it is to be self-reliant.
  • Take a leap of faith.  Most people live a life created by other people.  They act in accordance to the satisfaction of their parents or other people close to them.  If you’re also like them, dare to be yourself.  Live your life the way you want it.  After all, it’s your life and you owe it to yourself to be happy and to live to the fullest.  Don’t wait too long to pursue your happiness.
Yes, it is scary and uncertain to be out there and face the world.  Remember, life is short, if you won’t do it now, when?

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