Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunburn Remedies

Simple Home Remedies to Treat Sunburn

The days of sunny skies are boon for those who stay in the cold states of Canada. But even that heat does have its own issues. And one such issue that any one of us could face is sun burn. Yes I know we all us different types of sun screen lotions but still one is bound to face this issue of sun burn once in a life time.

Sun Burn is basically a burn to live tissue such as skin which is produces by overexposure to ultra violet {UV} radiation commonly from the sun’s rays. Normally when sun rays do burn one’s skin it would produce reddish dis-colouration on the skin. Burning sensation and some skin could be even seen peeled. Here are some remedies to treat a sun burn with simple home remedies.

In ancient Chinese medicine cooled black tea has been known to soothe sun burn. According to modern research tannic acid and theobromine in tea help remove the extra heat from the sun burn. Green tea is known to have high amount of polyphenols which when consumed help protect the skin against damage from UV radiation that causes sunburn.

Since ancient time Aloe vera has been known to help many skin issues. Ayurveda speaks very highly of this plant for different skin conditions. Normally for sunburn just peel a leaf of aloe and just scoop the gel inside it and apply it to the burned skin.
The same gel is known to heal different radiation induced skin burns too.

A simple vegetable that is available normally in the summer season which also has its use to protect our skin from such sun burns. Cucumber known in skin care since the Egyptian Pharaoh’s this simple vegetable fruit has great powers to sooth one’s skin after sun burn.

Researchers are very positive with the use of Calendula flowers for sun burn. They say that the flowers when applied to such sun burns work very quickly to heal the wound, reduce inflammation and stimulate the growth of new cell.
Many skin lotions this days do contain some amount of calendula may be because of this same reason.

Ghee or clarified butter is something that has been used since many years in Ayurveda to treat different types of burns. This amazing liquid has the powers to sooth the burning skin which is very typical after sun burn. Not just that it works very well in stimulating the new growth of new cells on the affected area.
After affecting with sunburn just apply with light hand a small amount of ghee and see the results yourself.

Yes sun do have multiple benefits but even after enough protection one may still face such sun burns. Help is just simple ... just give it a try.

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