Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainy Season

Simple Lifestyle Changes for the Rainy Season

Staying in Canada one hardly do enjoy the rainy season as it  rains any time of the year. Many countries in Asia Africa especially in the tropics do face one of the crazy season especially during the months of July August called as Rainy Season or the Monsoon. The rain just pours which does disturb the overall environment and also the overall health of an individual. How to keep one healthy during such days? Here are some valuable tips....

1] Eat only when hungry:
As it can be said for the summer season so is true for the rainy season that one’s appetite would be still be low for this season too. It is thus very important to eat only as one get hungry rather than eating your every meal. This is a season also where one can eat a slight amount of oily food like different local preparations like bhajis being common.

2] Spice up:
Low on appetite it remains quiet hard for our body to digest all that we have eaten. Thus it is very important to spice up the food you intake. Black pepper, Ginger, Garlic is some of the spice that only increases your appetite but also help digestion. Added benefit of all those kitchen spices would be that they protect one from different seasonal illness like cough and viral flu commonly seen during rainy season.

3] Reduce your Water intake:
As rainy season starts in ancient India one do celebrate a day called as “Nirjala ekadashi” which means that one hardly drink a sip of water for the whole day. Water by itself during these days is very muddy in some cases due to excess rain. But the real reason for drinking less water remains in actual physiology of the body which hardly craves any water during this days. Boiled water would be preferred for sure.

4] Have some Honey every day:
Ayurveda speaks of having a spoonful of honey for health benefit during rainy days. The main reason for having honey is basically to keep its role in Ayurveda to balance the vatta which is known to aggravate during rainy season. Not just that but because of less appetite one is known to produce lot of undigested food or ama which is said to be digested by the intake of honey.

5] Stay dry:
After the warm summer it is very hard to remain dry in such nice rainy season. But after the initial fun it is very important to stay dry as much as possible. After walking through the rain dry clothes are must as the moistness in the clothes does increase a tendency for many fungal skin diseases. The season is also known for viral infections like cold, cough and staying dry is just one of the things to do.

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