Friday, June 11, 2010

Can we Re-grow Teeth Naturally?

Can we really regrow teeth? This is the question that many would have asked during their life time mostly because of breaking their some teeth while playing when young. So can we really re-grow our tooth as we our cells? It is said that dinosaurs used to grew teeth whenever needed, would it be clear cut that we human should have such method. Here it is what I found on the net.

According to team of scientist in University of Alberta Canada with a help of the technology known as LIPUS or low intensity pulsed ultrasound one can re-grow their teeth. This technology has been recently licensed by the FDA and Health Canada. One can benefit from this technology soon at one’s dentist here in North America. The whole idea of this technology is to use low intensity ultrasound to re-grow the root of the tooth or stimulate the repair.

For the lay man to actual get benefit out of this technology might take few years still. But here are some more ways that one can get result  for broken tooth or your  bad tooth repair.

1] Hand massage: Remember those days when our mom and dad used to guide us to wash our teeth and massage them or rub them for a while before going to bed or while waking up. It seems that this massage had some meaning. The results are not similar to ultra sound massager described below still good to give it a try.

2] Novasonic Massager: This is a massager available in the market which generates sound vibration up to 20,000 Hertz. Giving external massage to the jaw would be as similar as using ultra sound rays massage on the tooth for re-growth.

3] Another model that one can find comes from eBay section when you search for ultra sound massager. Much powerful than the Novasonic massager this model emits 3-5 MHz vibration which can really go deep into the bones.

4] Nutrition: Lastly Nutrition is very important for the growth of teeth. Calcium is must as is important to have a mineral in one’s diet called as Silica. Brown rice, beets and other root vegetables are known to be high in silica. Try them for your teeth.

One can also look out for this formula for making homemade tooth paste which has proved to be successful as of yet.

P.S : This is a post that I would receive some commission to for writing, but well still I feel that it is some thing that is clearly to boost one’s optimum health. Not all part of the article would be agreed by the author.

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