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Today we would have a chance to learn a pose which is very simple with a great stretch known as Bharadvajasana. Suffering with back pain this would be one of the best pose to help you.   The pose is named after a great sage during the Vedic Period Bharadvaj. Bharadvaj was not just a sage but also was the father of the great warrior teacher Drona of the great epic Mahabharata.

How to do the Bharadvajasana ?

1] To start this pose one need to sit on the mat with both legs stretched in the front.
2] Now slowly bend the knee joints and bring both legs in the back besides your hip on the right side. Your buttock is now resting on the floor.
3] Turn your trunk now slowly 45 degree towards the left side.
4] Straighten the right arm and place the right hand underneath the left knee, the palm touching the floor.
5] As you exhale turn the left arm behind the back so that the left hand clasp the right upper arm.
6] The neck should be adjusted in such a way that the one should gaze over the right shoulder.
7] Hold the pose as one deep breath in and out for a while.
8] Slowly loosen the grip and repeat it on the opposite side.

1] Those who suffer with hypertension, headaches should avoid doing this pose.
2] It would be also recommended for women who are menstruating to avoid this pose.

1] This pose works magic for those who suffer with upper and lower back pain.
2] A pose that massages the abdomen and thus increase digestion.
3] People who suffer with arthritis are recommended to try this pose to get relief.
4] Reduce postural stress especially for those who work either in one pose for a long time.

Chakra Benefit :
This pose stimulates the Anahata Chakra or the Heart  Chakra.

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