Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad Breath Cures !!

6 Simple ways to have a good breath

Halitosis or in lay man term Bad breath is one of the commonest health issue that has been silently troubling many in today's world. One may know many reasons of bad breath, the most common being eating garlic or onion. Lack of proper digestion and elimination, dental problems, tooth decay is some of the few that are normally blamed for this condition. It is estimated that around 200$ million dollars are spend in America alone on breath freshening products. How to cure them with simple home remedies? Here are few thoughts and suggestions from the wise old books of Ayurveda.

1] Clean your body internally first:
 Ayurveda keeps its first finger on digestion as the main source of bad breath. Constipation is often said to cause bad breath and thus clearing the colon has always seen by many Ayurvedic Vaidya as the first and foremost ways to clean the breath. To cleanse the body the best suggestion would be to have a tsp of castor oil which normally helps in cleansing the colon. As the colon gets cleared so does the breath.

2] Tongue Cleaner:
 Tongue is often said to be the mirror of the stomach. In case of constipation one can find the tongue to be coated with white mucous. This is the area where many bacteria do starts dwelling giving a very bad breath to one' mouth. Since long time back many people in India used tongue cleaner, a small application that cleans the tongue properly. One even can get this tongue cleaner here. Use this before or after one wash one's teeth in the morning and in the evening and see the results. It is simple investment of just 4 bucks and not more ...

3] Gargling:
 Cavities in our teeth also hold a lot of plague which is also one of the reasons for bad breath. Ayurveda speaks of gargling or known as in Sanskrit as Gandush for working on such plagues to be removed from one's mouth. Decoction of different herbs like Triphala can be used to gargle one's mouth daily which would help to clean the oral cavity and thus keep bad breath away.

4] Steam:
 One of the commonest reasons for bad breath in kids is due to post nasal drip. Sinus filled nasal cavity with mucous brings a nasty smell sometimes due to lack of hygiene or know-how on cleaning the nose properly. A hot steam or foemation of boiling water with Eucalyptus {Nilgiri} or ginger aromatic oil works really well in cleansing the nasal cavity and thus reducing the bad breathe.

5] Herbs to Keep Halitosis at Bay:
The concept of eating some herbs after meal as a mouth freshener has been long known to mankind. Cloves, Cardamom, fennel seeds are known to keep one's breath fresh and thus loved by people after a heavy meal traditionally in India and other Asian countries. One of my personal favorite is of course Cardamom seeds which regularly keep in my mouth after eating garlic and onion. The results are worth mentioning for sure.

6] Food to Avoid:
Processed food, processed flour, white flour and different products made out it are known to get stuck into ones teeth and thus cause a lot of halitosis. Avoiding such food is the best way to keep one's mouth fresh.

So the next time you or someone in your family suffers with halitosis do not forget to try this and let us know the result? Do you have any more information or recipe to kill bad breathe share with us in the comment section. Your efforts would be appreciated.

Posted By Sudeep 

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