Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5 Healthy Vegetables for June

Even if vegetables do grow in particular season most of them are available to us 24/7. Thanks to the super market chains all around the world. But even in this era I have met many people who love to eat seasonal food and vegetables instead of frozen. The “100 mile diet” bought forward a big group of people who tried to work on those lines and thus blessing their health.
Come June here in Ontario one could find many farmer's market filled with new seasonal fresh vegetables. In today‘s article we would have a look on to 5 vegetables that do harvest during this time of season and know their health benefit.

1] Beets:

a]  Beets are known for their sugar, but do you know that the fiber present in them works on keeping our cholesterol on check too.
b] Both beet roots and leaves are known for their liver stimulant property that has been used for long time by mankind
c] Natives and even people in India have known beets to increase blood hemoglobin may be because of its red colour. Science proves that beets do contain high amount of iron. Not just Iron they do also have calcium making them ideal for all women.
d] New research has shown that beets do contain betacyanin an anticancer agent. Thus eating beets would be defiantly be good to prevent one from Cancer.

2] Rhubarb:

a]  A well known herb cum vegetable in Canada is known since ancient times for its laxative effects.
b] This vegetable starts its action on the body because of its bitter astringent taste right in the oral cavity. Over all it works as hepatic stimulant.
c] The roots contain a chemical “stilbene” which reduces the blood glucose level in diabetic rats.
d] In Traditional Chinese medicine this herb is known to drain the heat from the body.


a]  Did you know that if you eat half a cup of broccoli a day it would give you 52 mg of Vitamin C .
b] Studies indicated that eating broccoli decreases the risk of prostate cancer if eaten daily.
c] The anti cancer property of this vegetable is because of selenium present in this vegetable
d] They also do posses anti bacterial and anti viral properties.

4] Cabbage:

a]  A vegetable that is well known for those who would love to lose weight as they offer very low calories.
b] Ancient Europe used cabbage leaves to treat different inflammation and pain.
c] If you face peptic ulcer it is said that drinking fresh cabbage juice heals the ulcer quickly.
d] The only person to avoid cabbage would be those who suffer with thyroid conditions.

5] Fresh Green Peas:

a] Do you know that one cup of boiled green peas provide 51% of required Vitamin K and 42% of manganese. Something that our bones could really use.
b] Peas do contain “lutein” a chemical that is known to reduce risk of cataracts and macular degeneration according to research.
c] New studies prove that they can help lower cholesterol level and also strengthen immune system.
d] But wait beware for those who suffer with gout as green peas do contain high amount of uric acid which is why people suffering with gout should not over eat them.

So what are the vegetables that are in season in your area? Do you prefer to eat them or eat just what is available in super market?  Ask me I would say prefer local rather than frozen. Just  a thought...

Posted by Sudeep

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