Monday, May 24, 2010

Supta Konasana-2

 Reclining Angle Pose -2

Today we are going to read and do another interesting pose which is also an advance stage of Plough Pose or Halasana.
We would try doing the Supta Konasana-2  or The Reclining Angle Pose -2.  The first Konasana we did was the Baddha Konasana and the second one was the Upavista Konasana.

The word "Supta" means reclining or lying down while the word "kona" means an angle, As the body in this pose forms an angle in lying down position thus the name of the pose as "Supta Konasana".

How to do Supta Konasana?
1] This pose being a further variation of Halasana, try to work out all the steps till you come in the Plough pose.
2] Further follow the steps up to Karna Pidasana or The Ear Pressing Pose. Hold yourself at this point.
3] Slowly inhale in and spread both the legs as far apart from your head.
4] Tighten your knee joints and if required raise your trunk.
5] Hold the right toes with your right hand and the left toes with left hand. This would give you a nice stretch.
6] Stay in this pose for at least 3 breathes when doing it for the first time. One can increase the timing as you go in advance stages.

1] All the cautions forHalasana are similar to this pose, so do keep that mind.
2] This is an advance pose so do not try this pose without any expert guidance.
3] A slight bend of the spine is OK and it is rather necessary.  Mind that too...

1] This poses works as a great toner of the legs.
2] One can feel the contraction that this pose brings on the abdominal muscles.
3] The asana works excellent for the ligaments of the neck region and thus helps them.
4] Also because of its work on the region of the neck, this pose works in balancing the thyroid glands.

This pose is great for Throat Chakra.
Posted By Sudeep

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