Monday, May 31, 2010

Parsva Halasana

The Twisted Plough Pose 

The Plough pose or Halasana is such a pose that many modifications can be done in that pose making it the base pose in a certain way. Here in today's article we would try to have a look at yet another modification. Modifications are not just to make a pose easy for the doer, but also do have a meaning in its own way. A pose modified might be useful for some completely different reason than the original one as in the case of this pose. Have a look yourself a this pose named as "Parsva Halasana" or Twisted Plough Pose. The word Parsva does means sideways, but for a doer and the seer the pose does also look like one have to twist and thus the name.

How to do Twisted Plough Pose?

1]To start this pose one need to come to end of Halasana pose where both your legs are behind and above your head, while the hands hold the lower back.
2] Slowly move both the legs now to one side as far as possible either to your left or right.
3] Make sure you tighten the knee joint and keep the legs straight as possible.
4] Try to inhale in and exhale out and hold the pose for 1-3 breathe.
5] Now move both your legs to the opposite side and hold it for some time, just move the legs and not the hands.
6] One needs to be in comfort when being in this pose, so try to achieve it as much as possible.

Caution:1] All the cautions of Halasana remains true with this pose too.
2] It is always advice to perform this pose with an expert if one is doing it for the first time.
3] Be gentle on the body.

Benefits: 1] The movement of the spine laterally make them more elastic which remains the first advantage of this post.
 2] This same movement causes the abdomen to be compressed and massaged in a way, thus this pose works really well for those who face constipation. In an healthy individual this pose for sure brings a nice detox in  a way or so.
3] Other organs of the abdomen like the kidney are also worked on during this pose.

Chakra Effect: This pose works on two chakras one on the Throat Chakra or Visudha Chakra
 and the Manipura Chakra

Posted by Sudeep

Different Variations of Halasana or Plough Pose :

Ear Pressing Pose or Karna Pidasana 
Supta Konasana -2
Start of Halasana : Shoulder Pose

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