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Laughing Yoga

Hasya Yoga
Up till today many of you including your truthfully had a concept that yoga is something that has to be done with very seriousness. Then why I am here suddenly writing about Laughing Yoga and what has Laughter to do with yoga. The primary reason for this is because yesterday the whole world celebrated The World Laughter day. An event started in India basically on 11 Jan 1998 by Dr Madan Kataria founder of the Laughing Yoga Moment.  What is Laughter Yoga and how mere processes of laughing can be incorporated in Yoga. Here are some interesting thoughts on that line.

Laughing Yoga

“Hasya Yoga” is the actual terminology in Sanskrit used for this type of yoga where “Hasya” means Laughing.  A concept developed by Yoga guru Jiten Kohi , while made very popular  and bought in lime light by the Laughing Doctor namely Dr Madam Kataria from Mumbai. According to Yoga guru Jiten Kohi the word "Hasya" is wrongly interpreted in English as just laughter. According to Sanskrit the word Hasya represents energy of humans, while yoga means union or addition. Thus this is yoga where mind body and soul are bought together in a distinct direction by generating inner spirit of laugh. A general feeling of love and affection can thus be felt.

Actual Class

 A group of any number of people come together to start this yoga where the only requirement of the class is to laugh and move. Laugh in such a way that one stimulates different moments of the body including eye staring. Not only does one starts laughing but soon it spread as a wild fire all across the area. {Personally I got influenced with this yoga just as bystander at first and then I hardly realize when I was in the group of people doing laughing yoga}. The whole class can be from around 30 minutes to around 1 hour.

Can Laughter really help you?

This was my first question that I asked myself when I first witness Laughing Yoga. I have seen people crying and opening with their emotions, white collar folks who do not cry that often or those who are really great in handling stress and keeping it to them self. Then what made them tear up after doing laughter. The answer is here...
 First of all understand that the body cannot differentiate between a real laugh and a fake one. Thus whatever benefit a person gets with just regular laughing would be the same benefit that one does get with such fake laughing.
Secondly according to University College of London where scientists have proved that laughing reduces the level of all stress hormones such as Epinephrine, Cortisol and Dopa.
Laughing is not a mere action of the body, but it is an action that gives exercise to all the muscles, increases the blood circulation and lastly it is a action that increases the blood oxygen level by itself. No need of an oxygen chambers in the recent times.
Other than these entire benefits one can find many more benefits on the site of Yoga guru Jiten Kohi site and Dr Madan Kataria Laughing Yoga site.

How can you do Laughing Yoga?

 Common on you are not serious that you need my help to laugh. Get together some day on a nice beach or on the back of your own house with friends and family members. Get into a circle as one could easily access each other. Start with some easy ways to laugh, mere smile can start the whole class. Look into each other’s eyes make funny faces, makes some moments of your hands , face and the whole body and just let it go with the flow and see how you do Laughter yoga.

Read more about Laughing Yoga in around Toronto in this article.

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