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Ice Cold Water

This post is all because of a simple question asked by one of my regular reader; an honest commenter and a great online friend of mine Ralph. On the post of Lemonade Ralph inquired about why is Ice or Ice Cold water not good? This question ignited my own thoughts in my mind as knowingly unknowingly I have been advising many clients to avoid Ice cold water and never thought of reasoning it. To bring those thoughts out I would love to thanks Ralph before I start this post.

So is Ice Cold Water Really Bad for you?

If you try to search this subject online one can find difference of opinion clearly in different forums. Not a single research or scientific group has clearly showed either the benefits of Ice cold water or its disadvantages. But it is very clear that ice cold water according to most of the alternative practitioner is said to be unhealthy. So why is it so? Here is some food for your thoughts.

How our body does react to ice? This would be the question that I would like to start with. Being very cold in temperature ice normally condenses or constricts the surrounding area which comes in contact with it. Thus we have been applying ice on sprains and bruises so that we do not suffer with heavy internal bleeding. Ayurveda speaks of the property "sheet" or cold in Sanskrit as one which condenses when in contact which is exactly shown by ice.
But ice cold water does not stops here, after the initial shock of condensation, one can see that to melt that ice the body reacts with increase blood flow to melt it down or make the body temperature at that area again the same. Meaning one can see increase blood flow at that area more than the normal.

Now when one is drinking 24/7 ice cold waters every day what would happen with our body's reaction.  Imagine yourself standing in Ice 24/7 you are bound to face cold sores right then what about drinking ice cold water every day. One is bound to face some consequences to this way of living. Yes the body is going to increase the body heat by restricting perspiration or body fluid loss.  Fluid loss either in the form of urine or sweat is not just water loss, but it also means less toxic removal from the body. Does that make sense that as spring comes we all look out for spring cleanse to clean all those stored toxic.
Now come back to our subject of drinking ice cold water, it is clear that it would lead eventually to less urine output or sweat and thus less toxic removal. What do you think; I am right in saying this?
As I write this I do recollect many of clients that I have seen who faced kidney issues often having one of the chief lifestyle habits of drinking either ice cold water or eating frozen berries or fruits. I could correlate now easily with this thought.
Again the whole article is just my thoughts no research has been done on this theory .I would love to hear from you all what you have to say on the above post. Do you have any more to add, I know you are smart enough to add your thoughts on this..

Research Papers that Might Interest you on this thought:

1] Nasal Mucosa Changes due to Cold water

2] Relation of Migraine and Cold water

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